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McDonald’s Monopoly 2023 updates — Nine rare pieces to get VIP prizes plus tips to win as code expiry date revealed

MCDONALD'S Monopoly is back, with the fan-favourite offering a chance to win HUGE prizes including £100,000 in cash and 2,000 "gold cards".

Players who take part in McDonald's annual Monopoly run can collect stickers from their food packaging that represent pieces from the iconic game, but they'll need to be quick as the scheme ends on October 17.

Among the top prizes this year is £100,000 in cash for four winners and there will be 2,000 "gold cards", which gives you a free Maccies meal a week for a year.

McDonalds has also introduced a new twist to the Monopoly game this year — customers now have the opportunity to trade in their peels for another ‘more frequently found property’ or swap it for an entry into the £100k prize draw, and you can see the full list of items on the menu with the coveted stickers below.

There are also nine rare Mcdonald's Monopoly pieces to look out for, which are the same every year. Monopolyland recommends you keep hold of these rare stickers as the remaining ones will be easy to find, meaning you have a very good chance of winning a prize. They are Mayfair (dark blue), Bond Street (green), Coventry Street (yellow), Strand (red), Liverpool St Station, Marlborough Street (orange), Euston Road (light blue), Northumberland Avenue (pink) and old Kent Road (brown).

Read our McDonald's Monopoly live blog below for the latest news and updates...

  • Are McDonald’s Monopoly boards available?

    Mcdonald’s first started the game in 2005 and in order to play the customers would need to stick their prizes onto the board.

    In previous years the fast food chain has given away free boards to customers who wanted to play McDonald’s monopoly.

    However, they stopped this in 2021 and made it possible for customers to play along online.

    Less people relied on using the boards and moved to online as it made it easier to cash in on some instant wins.

    To claim your food or drink items on the instant win tickets you would have to keep them separate and bring them to the restaurant with you in order to get your prize.

  • When do the McDonald’s Monopoly codes expire?

    The McDonald’s promotion runs from September 6, 2023, to October 17, 2023.

    Participants must apply to claim their prize by no later than November 14, 2023.

  • Can you play McDonald's Monopoly during breakfast?

    Unfortunately, you won't be able to play McDonald's Monopoly on breakfast items.

    You'll only find Monopoly stickers on a select number of main meals and treats served after 11am - when breakfast ends.

    Depending on what item you buy, you'll find a triple label with three game pieces on it, or a double label with two pieces on it.

  • How do I get McDonald's delivered?

    McDonald's works with both Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat for delivery orders.

    You should also keep in mind that you'll pay a delivery charge on top of your order.

    This usually depends on how far away from the restaurant you are.

    Enter your postcode on your chosen app to see if McDonald's delivery is available to you, as some areas aren't included at all.

    You can also order food through the My McDonald's app.

  • What time does McDonald's stop serving breakfast?

    McDonald's serves breakfast until 11am at all of its restaurants in the UK.

    There are various options on the breakfast menu to choose from.

    And you don't have to always visit dine-in branches to enjoy a McDonald's breakfast - you could get a home delivery through Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo or you could visit a drive-thru.

    You can also download the My McDonald's app onto a smartphone and order food for delivery or pick-up at one of its restaurants directly with the chain.

    You don't just have to dine in when you visit either, simply choose a walk-in takeaway and you can dine al fresco at restaurants that have seating outdoors if you fancy.

  • What time does McDonald’s open?

    In some locations, Mcdonald's can be open 24 hours a day, but that is not guaranteed in all, so it's best to check first.

    You can use the store locator on the McDonald's website to find your local branch.

    It is usually the case that larger restaurants that are located at service stations, travel spots and retail parks have longer opening hours.

    Whereas restaurants that are located on the high street may shut earlier at midnight, or even 10pm.

    If your local isn't open 24 hours, it might open at 5am or 6am for breakfast service.

  • What does ‘Double peel’ mean?

    “Double peel” will allow you to peel another sticker every time you earn yourself a property in the McDonald’s Monopoly game.

    Once you’ve purchased food and peeled a sticker, you need to head to the McDonald’s app and bank a property by scanning the sticker.

    This will provide you with an extra virtual sticker – hence the “double peel”..

    Without having to buy any extra food or drink at McDonald’s you can bank another free property or earn yourself an instant win.

  • What happens if you get both Mayfair and Park Lane?

    If both Mayfair and Park Lane are collected, you're entitled to £100,000 in cash.

    However, McDonald's has warned that restaurant managers can limit the number of stickers per order if they suspect you're wasting food just to play.

    You can find your nearest McDonald's restaurant using the chain's store locator.

  • How many Mayfair and Park Lane stickers are there?

    The dark blue properties on Monopoly are always a challenge to get and the same goes for the McDonald's edition.

    There are only five Mayfair stickers to be found in the UK - four in the food packaging and one in the Double Peel game.

    Meanwhile, it's easier to get your hands on the Park Lane stickers as there seem to be millions out there.

  • The rarest McDonald's Monopoly pieces

    Dark blue: Mayfair

    Green: Bond Street

    Yellow: Coventry Street

    Red: Strand

    Train stations: Liverpool St Station

    Orange: Marlborough Street

    Light blue: Euston Road

    Pink: Northumberland Avenue

    Brown: Old Kent Road

  • This is how many Bond Street stickers are in McDonald's Monopoly

    The green Bond Street sticker is one of the rarest stickers in McDonald's Monopoly.

    Monopolyland claimed that only 21 entered circulation which makes them so challenging to collect.

    Customers collecting Bond Street can get a MINI electric car which costs around £32,000.

  • How working at McDonald's earned this employee more money

    A flight attendant quit her dream job to work at McDonald's and couldn't be happier as she earns more money flipping burgers.

    Saffron Laszkowicz shared to TikTok: "I started working at McDonald's in December 2020 during Covid, I had nothing to do because we were in lockdown."

    She then applied for a career as a flight attendant with Ryanair but it left her with empty pockets so she had to look elsewhere for money, adding: "I realised I wasn't earning as much as I used to so decided to go back to McDonald's part time in October 2022."

    She eventually decided to stick with McDonald's: "I get paid for every minute. It's less travelling time to get to work. I'm earning the same (if not more) for much less stress. I get more free time to spend with my family and work on myself.”

  • This might be the coolest McDonald's you've ever seen

    This McDonald's in a small town in New Zealand sees diners enjoy their meals inside Second World War era Douglas DC-3 cabins, also known as Dakotas.

    They fit 20 customers at a time which can inspect the original 1940s cockpit.

    Read all about this spect McDonald's branch which has been open for over 30 years.

  • McDonald's introduces new twist

    McDonalds have introduced a new twist to the Monopoly game this year.

    Now, customers have the opportunity to trade in their peels for another ‘more frequently found property’ or swap it for an entry into the £100k prize draw.

    The choice is yours.

  • How does McDonald’s Monopoly work?

    The game works similarly to traditional Monopoly.

    Customers collect game pieces when they buy qualifying McDonald’s products, such as colour co-ordinated road names or train stations.

    You’ll be able to find them as stickers which appear on the packaging of your food.

    Each menu item has the chance of giving you a different prize.

    These range from food, to massive cash prizes.

  • What are the McDonald’s Monopoly 2023 prizes?

    Among the top prizes this year is £100,000 in cash for four winners and there will be 2,000 “gold cards”, which give you free Maccies meal a week for a year.

    Lucky winners can also get their hands on an electric Mini, £2,000 for a TUI holiday.

    That’s on top of the popular “instant wins” which give Maccies customers hundreds of free food items, from Big Macs to McFlurrys.

  • Where can you play McDonald’s Monopoly?

    Good news! McDonald’s Monopoly is available at every outlet across the country.

    Simply purchase one of the many items that feature stickers to play.

    You can also take part via McDelivery.

  • How to redeem your codes

    So, you think you’ve won one of McDonald’s massive instant win prizes, but how do you get your hands on them?

    Instant win food prizes can be redeemed at any McDonald’s, simply head over to the counter and give them your token.

    You can also cash in game pieces on the touch screen kiosks in store or via the app by inputting the 12 digit prize code.

    You’ll need to hand the game pieces over to a member of staff when you collect your meal.