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Megan and Harry are now "economically independent" and "should be blessed" for success.

"Financially Independent"Megan MarkleandPrince Harry"Gather Millions from the Private Sector to Goal We should congratulate you on achieving this. "

Accounts revealed by Soveringland's report show that things likeQueen, Prince Charles, Cambridge continue to bear huge costs. ..

But Sussexes

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According to sources close to Prince Charles, the Duchess and Duchess should personally "congratulate them on achieving their goals" in order to earn millions of dollars. That's it. "

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry 'should be congratulated on achieving their goal'
Megan Markle and Prince Harry'must congratulate them on achieving their goals'

The pair also paid for their flight when they visited England on Easter.

Royal officials also said the couple's decision to repay £ 2.4 million at Frogmore Cottage's house in Windsor was a "good deal" for taxpayers.

Royal sources describe their financial independence as follows:

Meanwhile, the rest of the royal family spent more than £ 100 million on British taxpayers. This is because the regulars of the people are having a hard time adjusting their balance due to the crisis of living expenses.

Core sovereign land is calculated based on 15% of Crown Estate's income account net surplus for the year two years ago.

The Crown Estate surplus for the 2019-20 fiscal year reached £ 345m, creating the core of £ 51.8m in soveringland between 2021 and 22.

The pair paid for their own flights when they visited England at Easter
When visiting England on Easter, the pair paid for their flight

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However, public spending exceeded soveringland and subsidies earned, with net spending of £ 102.4m for the first time, up 17% from the previous year.

This was due to a total of £ 54.6 million spent booking Buckingham Palace, an increase of 41%.

Since leaving the royal family, Harry and Megan have signed several deals that are believed to be worth millions of dollars.

One is Netflix, which is used to create "content that not only provides information, but also gives hope."

The value of the transaction is unknown, but it has been reported that it could be worth $ 112 million, £ 98.2m. The program of the

work is believed to be a documentary about the Invictus Games founded by Harry and a children's series about the adventures of a girl called Pearl, who is executive producer of Megan.

Other transactions include transactions with Spotify. It is said to be worth £ 30m for producing a podcast that promotes "diversified and exciting voices" under the couple's brand Archewell Audio.

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