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Megan Markle's Bullying Report: Why the Palace Is "Tightly Closed"

Reports on the handling of allegations of bullying against Megan Markle will not "see the light of day" after Buckingham Palace refuses to publish.

Even those who participated in official investigations conducted by independent law firms are "exposed to the darkness of their findings," saysTheTelegraph.

This decision leaves the palace in a "secret line" and raises "a serious issue of publicly funded institutional transparency and its responsibility to its staff," the newspaper said. Said.

No Comments

An independent review was made aftersome members of the staff claimed to have been bullied before the Duchess of Sussex resigned from royal duties. , Started in March 2021. January 2020. 

Current and former staff were asked about her experience working with her,ITVNewssaid. Markle, who denied her accusations, also added that she was understood that she had submitted an answer to the investigation. A spokesman for the Duchess previously called this claim a "calculated smear campaign."

Reporters were informed this week that the investigation was completed at a press conference on the royal annual financial statements known as Soveringland.

Privy Purse keeper Michael Stevens made a recommendation with the palace's "policy and procedure proceeded" question, but added that "I have no further comments."

Avoid conflict

"There was a belief that at least some of it would see the light of day," said BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond. But in reality, "everything will be kept inside the walls of the palace."

Dymond isRadio 4Todayshow, royal sources pay reporters, investigations paid by personal money, not taxpayer money He described it as "a highly confidential material that confuses individuals when named."

"Senior royal sources said the palace is sticking to the investigation to protect the anonymity of those who cooperated,"CNNadded.

The palace claimed that "lessons learned" andTimessaid, "I refused to say what those lessons were." The newspaper said there was speculation that "the main concern of the palace was not to risk further conflict between the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess."

Limited drama

Bullying allegations were officially emailed by the couple's former communications secretary Jason Knauf in October 2018. It was first done when I filed a complaint. Markle kicks out two personal assistants.

The email "has remained secret for over two years," saysNewsweek. An "Interview with the Duchess and the DuchessOprah Winfrey" was aired in March 2021 and has been leaked to the Times.

Katie Nicholl,Entertainment Tonightroyal experts said that not publishing the findings of "put a very exciting story under the radar. "If" suggested. "We are trying to maintain the integrity of the reputation of these staff, the Duchess of Sussex, and in fact the monarchy."

The Queen said, "She doesn't want any more drama," or "no more dirty linen aired in public."