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1 in 5 suffers from depression and is at risk of mental health

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The UK has (Image: Getty)

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Possibility of mental illness in children surged to 1 in her 6 and 3 in her 5 Symptoms worsened while the person was waiting for help. His 4% of patients have attempted suicide. At least 1.6 million people are currently on a waiting list for mental health support, and he has 8 million more without help. Charity Mind now calls for urgent implementation of mental health strategies.

It says the post-pandemic emergency is about to face a cost-of-living crisis — and the dire situation will only get worse. With its devastating impact on mental health, the newspaper launched the By Your Side campaign to fight for better mental health provision.

Just ten weeks after him, former Health Secretary Sajid Javid released a root and branched review of his framework for vulnerable support. Consultations took place from April to July.

In 2021, he surpassed 5,000 registered suicides in the UK.

Mind's Chief Executive Officer, Paul Farmer, said: When people are in distress, they need help on the spot – not in months, not years. It delivers life-changing results.


Lockdown wreaks havoc on public spirits (Image: Getty)

“The incoming Prime Minister must urgently prioritize a 10-year cross-governmental plan on mental health. We have to… to reduce waiting times.” And suicide rates. ''

The Ministry of Health said 'more than £2.3bn of additional funding per annum will be invested by his 2024 year to enable an additional 2 million people in England to access services.'

It said it was currently analyzing responses from the April consultations.

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Comments by Paul Farmer

The country faces a mental health emergency.

But action to address this has been slow and has been affected by recent events at Westminster.

A study by Mind found that 58% fell ill while waiting for mental health support, and 4% attempted suicide.

When people are in distress, they need help on the spot - not months or years later.

This is why it is so important that Conservative leader rivals her Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss commit to his 10-year mental health plan.


Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak found that (Image: Getty)

1.6 million people are already on the waiting list, and another 8 million are known to be unable to get help. increase.

Left without support can have fatal consequences.

Early intervention is not only beneficial, but also cost-effective.

More investment needs to be made to get people off the wait list and get them to help quickly.

If people get help, the majority will recover, but it's worrying to think that a quarter of them didn't. Governments need to do more to ensure the availability of effective and culturally appropriate treatments.

• Paul Farmer, CEO of Mind

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John Lucas was diagnosed with a severe mental illness at the age of 40.

john lucas

John Lucas said, Lost family and home to mental health problems (Image: handout)

Former IT exec loses job, marriage, home and savings It's decided. He now resides on welfare and is battling a number of other health issues.

His 59-year-old John, from Norwich, was first diagnosed with rapid periodic bipolar disorder. rice field.

He said:

His local council, which used to support his physical and mental health needs, can no longer do both. He must contribute to his social care.