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Mum divides opinion after sharing a tip to remove the pool tint from kids’ hair – some say the smell would make them gag

A MUM-OF-FOUR has left the social media users horrified after revealing how she removes the blue tint from her children's hair, with people saying it would make them want to throw up.

What's summer without enjoying a swim or a play in a pool, especially when the temperatures are sweltering? However, fellow blondes will know it all comes at a price - your light locks turning slightly blue and even green.

This is a problem one parent, mum Savannah Rose LaBrant, knows too well - but luckily, she recently claimed to have found the perfect solution.

Offering a helping hand to others, the mum-of-four took to Instagram to proudly share the hack which involved a common kitchen ingredient.

The star of the show, as it turned out, was no other than... ketchup.

To demonstrate just how effective the trick was, Savannah, from Tennessee, the USA, applied a generous amount of the popular condiment onto her kids' blonde hair.

Once done, she gave it all a good rub to ensure the product had been evenly distributed throughout the long locks.

According to the mum, who had applied the ketchup on wet hair, you then leave it do its magic for around 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing it out and completing the rest with shampoo and conditioner.

All chuffed with the results, Savannah also shared a snippet of the hair after the treatment - and all the tint seemed to have disappeared.

''Blonde hair mamas! Saw this trick & it truly worked! Got the green hair from the summer right out!'' she claimed in the caption of the now-viral video.

However, whilst the mum may have been pleased with the ketchup method, the reaction on social media was slightly different - and some were even mortified.

''What the actual,'' someone couldn't believe what they had just seen.


''the smell,'' said another whilst a third replied with a GIF of a person gagging.

A person advised: ''Or you can use purple shampoo.''

''Some of y’all really need to learn that being a child is about having fun and doing silly things sometimes,'' a user reminded.

''This hurt no one, it fixed the problem and they had fun. Stop being so sour!''

''y’all are hating but this is what everyone did as a kid who was blonde,'' a beauty fan insisted.