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Mum budgeted £600 to 'pink out' public housing, but husband hated the color

Fed up with the 'boring' magnolia color scheme of public housing, a woman decided to do something about it andcompletely renovatedher house. - Blown "pink makeover".

But her husband hates the shade so much that he used to joke about moving in with his neighbors, but now expects a new addition of pink every time he comes home,

Kara Southall, 39, a mother of four, spendsa kitchen at £318, a living room at £92 and a bedroom at £92. I managed to trim the for £56. She spent an additional £23 on wet rooms and bathrooms, including £7 shower curtains, £3 shower mats and £3 hand towels.

She brought her pot of pink paint to the garden, and she spent £300 to turn it into a pink paradise, but her house was still " 'Not pink enough,' she says.

Kara was bored with the traditional color scheme (


Kara Southall)


Kara Southall)

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Carla, from Felixstowe, Suffolk, mostlyupcyclesor the trunk of her car to stay within her £600 budget. Saying that she bought an item on her sale, she said: She also bought a lot at the Homebase sale.

This bargain lover could get pink curtains for £5 for her and pink wallpaper for a roll for her and £1 for her. In 2021, she painted her front door pink and she says it now makes her smile every time she walks home.

Darren was surprised after seeing a new pink cupboard through the window (


Carla Southall)

Carla's husband, Darren, 44, came home from work one day and watched through the kitchen window. I found a pink cupboard. He's just the biggest fan.

Surprised by the sudden burst of pink, Darren dismayedly texted Kara her message, jokingly threatening to move in with her neighbors. But as long as his quirky appearance makes Kara happy, he doesn't really care. }

Reimburse Carla for bathroom makeover £23 total (


Kara Southall)

Unlike her husband, Kara is said to be obsessed with all things pink, and after taking up burlesque dancing, Even dyeing her hair to match her decorations helped her feel more confident. One Carla first created aInstagram page on- @theonlywayis_pink - back in 2020 all about how she's coping with her mental health.

Kara even dyed her hair pink (


Kara Southall)

Today Kara uses social media to share content about the turmoil and reality of her family home. , keeping her followers up to date with her various pink hues. Her DIY project with a theme.

Kara who recently joined TikTok and is counting again under the username "The Only Way is Pink" with over 58,000 total likes regularly shares footage of her various makeovers.One clip of her refrigerator remodel has garnered 9,000 views in just two days and has since grown to 300,000. .

Followers fell in love with Kara's 'Pink House of Parliament' (


Kara Southall)
Kara's (


Kara Southall)

Kara's Thousands of TikTok Pages A stranger falls head over heels in her "Pink Council House," and she says the "Welcome to My Home" and "Refrigerator Transformation" clips turned "mental."

She has to contend with the occasional negative comment, but finds that the positive feedback far outweighs the negative.

Carla said: She doesn't need to be important to anyone else. I'm literally just a mom trying to look her best and I love the color pink. ''

Carla was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and there were several days when the pain prevented her from doing her favorite household chores. She has been outspoken about this struggle to her 10,000 of her Instagram followers.

According to Carla, “I started documenting cleaning my house because I enjoy cleaning up neatly with music playing.

"Every day I hear from people thanking me for showing me their real home and their clutter, and that they feel they made their home so much better because of me."

"Just before Christmas I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so I was able to put household chores on the back burner and the pain prevented me from doing much on the day."

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