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Mum lists ‘mother of the bride dress’ on FB Marketplace and everyone’s saying the same thing


A MUM has been blasted online after she tried to re-sell the white dress she wore to her daughter's wedding.

The £6,400 Norma and Lily Couture gown was listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace and described as an "evening mother of the bride dress".

The mum was wearing the white dress alongside her daughter in the photos.

Her pictures ended up on a wedding shaming" group with the caption “$8,000 mother of the bride dress … Ma’am, that is a wedding dress.”

The post sparked debate among group members, with many of them shocked by the outfit choice and the price tag.

"My daughter would have killed me if I bought that for her wedding," one mum said.

One person commented: "She wouldn’t be allowed at my wedding, I don’t care who she is."

Another wrote: "Oh god, it has a train as well."

“Definitely thought this was a wedding dress. Yikes!” another said.

“$8,000?! Oh, did all the audacity cost extra?” a third person shared.

A fourth user added: "‘You just know she was bridal dress shopping with her daughter and saw this dress, and immediately bought it before anyone could stop her." 

However, other uses came to the defence of the mother, explaining it can be common in Lebanese culture.

“It’s quite common for Lebanese mothers to wear white dresses like this to their daughter’s weddings,” one woman said.

“Norma and Lily are one of the top Lebanese designers in the industry – I’m surprised she only paid $8000 for this.”

“This is a cultural thing in Lebanon. I’ve only ever attended one Lebanese wedding and I was shocked when I saw the mother of the bride in a white dress,” a second person revealed.

“Where I’m from, that’s asking for a strategic red wine spill from a bridesmaid.”

“It’s the same with Thai weddings,” another shared.

“I was horrified when my stepmother wore white – until I realised the mother of the groom followed a similar custom.”