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Mum-of-22 Sue Radford shares the turmoil of taking Britain's largest family away and how they all pack into a camper van.

It's chaotic enough to get the kids to shower and get their beds ready during the holidays.

But imagine you have to do it with 22 kids and in a camper van.

That's the situation Sue Radford noticed when she and her husband Noel took the camper van away overnight.

The family wanted to escape with a car they bought earlier this year last weekend, but had to cancel when the plan didn't start.

But after taking it to the mechanic, it was all fixed, given a new battery, and Sue smiled, "It's working fine.

" They tested it and put in a new one

She added that she was "not sure" if the family would escape in a camper van that night because it was predicted to rain. rice field. But she said, "It's very good to get there tonight."

Then vlog was cut by Noel. It's raining.

The weather didn't hurt the night as the big family headed to their favorite campsite.

Young children were sitting in camp chairs while Noel and his daughter Katie set. Climb the shade before exploring the site, such as taking a walk in the woods or playing in the park.

Katie was also in charge of trying to get Wifi to work. In her van, she admitted she was able to get it to work on her phone, but she had a hard time doing it on TV.

After that, Noel set about preparing a barbecue to cook a family dinner. It contains enough sausages to feed the whole chick.

Now her eldest daughter, Millie, who has moved from her parents' home, is also spending the night with her daughter Ophelia and her son Chester.

After dinner, Sue undertook the chaotic task of showering "filthy" children. She used the camper shower for the first time.

Then she said the shower was "really really good", but the motorhome was "tilted" because there were so many people in the camper, so the soapy water wasn't drained. ..

All the kids were "clean, clean and ready to sleep," Sue went into each bed and she started making hot chocolate for each.

Similar to the bed set up in the shade, the back of the camper van turns into a huge bed for young children, and Sue and Noel end up in a claustrophobic bunk bed. I was with my daughter Heidi.

As some of the young children settled asleep, vlog ended with Noel trying to get his sons off the tablet.