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A neighbor installed a fence on my side of the site boundary. Can I take it down?

Boundary spats are a common cause of neighbors falling out.

Explain what your options are if your neighbor decides to build a fence on your property without your permission.

One of the dissatisfied homeowners went to the online question and answer platformQuoraand asked for advice onproperty disputes..

And when the post was uploaded a few years ago, the problem is still confusing homeowners today.

They said: "A neighbor has put up a fence and it's on my side of the site border. Can you tell him to drop it or move it? ?"

Someone said," Assuming the fence is on your side of the site boundary, yes, you can ask him to move it.

"And, depending on how far it crosses the border, perhaps because you can cause legal problems later. For example, if you decide to sell your assets at some point.

Many others have pointed out that friendly conversations with neighbors are the best way to avoid problems.

They are also correct, as taking legal action can be expensive and often time consuming.

But before doing anything, double-check that the fence is definitely crossing the border.

To do this, you need to check your property certificate.

If you don't have it yet, you can buy it online from HMLandR egistryfor a small £ 3 fee.

What many do not know is that you can buy a certificate of ownership not only for your property, but also for your neighbor's property.

It may be worth doing this as you may find something that is not yours outlined in them.

What if my neighbor's fence is in my possession?

If the certificate of title proves that a fence has been built on your side of the border, it is best to point this out to your neighbors.

They may not be aware that this is the case, and they were able to offer to resolve the issue immediately.

Actions in court are expensive and can be more annoying than their value, so it's best to act calmly, even if they don't want to listen.

There are other third parties that can help solve these problems.

For example, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) provides intermediary services to help neighbors resolve disputes over borders and related issues. It offers.

The cost of this is much lower than the court fee, but both of you must agree to use it.

Do not try to damage or remove the fence, even if it is in your possession. The problem can be exacerbated.

Paula Higgins, Chief Executive Officer of the HomeOwners Alliance, told The Sun: Give your neighbor as many written warnings as possible.

Boundary disputes aren't as black and white in most cases, but Paula recommends seeking advice from her lawyer before resolving the issue with her own hands. According to the

solicitorBrown Turner Ross, we should aim to resolve the issue within 12 years to avoid what is called unfavorable ownership.

Unfavorable ownership allows other parties to take ownership

Meanwhile, legal experts the four most common neighbor spats Revealedto the sun.

And it's not just the fence that can cause friction-one resident complained to his neighbor about the noise ofrs in the form of a split memo 72}.

In addition, we will discuss your rights if your property is destroyed by your neighbor'scowboy builder.