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NASA probe reveals giant ear-shaped crater on Mars in snap

All out ear?

EAR is a hype-worthy discovery — a giant lag hole on Mars.

The familiar shape was in one of the most recent images sent back from the Red Planet by aNASA spacecraft.

The earlobes and ear canals appear to be open, but sadly they don't have the pointed tips like Mr. Spock's ears inStar Trek.

In fact, the shape is a crater left after a cosmic rock hit the planet's surface.

Discovered in the northern hemisphere of Mars, 1.8 km across.

NASA calls this an example of pareidolia. In pareidolia, we imagine features such as patterns of faces and objects.

It said: ``In this case, we are looking at a strange shaped impact crater that looks like an ear. Almost impossible."

This image was taken by the US Space Agency's Mars.

Reconnaissance Orbiter flying 291 km above the surface in September 2020.

Orbiting and studying Mars since 2006, he uses an imaging technique nicknamed HiRise to study the Martian geology and climate.

This is not the first time a body part has been found on a planet. A European probe discovered Eyeball Crater on his June.

In 2018, he was told that another crater captured by HiRise resembled the popular arcade Pac-Man in full chomping mode. The following year I discovered what appeared to be filled E and T on the Earth.