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Residents of the national park were urged to have a say in the board elections

People living in the community in the national park will take a little over a week to help select the five locals to join the authorities committee.

The election will take place on Thursday, July 7, and will appoint new members to the board. The Board is responsible for guiding the organization and making important decisions on issues ranging from tackling climate change to planning.

One board member is elected in each of the five constituencies in the National Park.

James Stuart, Chairman of the National Park Authority Committee, said:

"From nature and climate to visitor management and planning, the board influences the locals Makes decisions on important issues that give and its community.

"Our elected members bring valuable local insights and perspectives to help us do this.

"I urge everyone to return the voting form as soon as possible to determine who deserves the National Park."

Lake Lomond and Toro Registered voters over the age of 16 living in Sax National Park have received postal votes in the last few weeks of elections.

The Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway at Balloch
National Park Authority is responsible for some of the best places in the area.

Completed The voting form will be returned in the prepaid envelope provided by 4 pm on Thursday, July 7.

Election results will be announced on social media by Lake Lomond and the Trosax National Parks Authority on the night of July 7.

Pleaseを参照するか、elections @

for election details such as voting methods and candidate status.