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Newborn baby found ALIVE after being cut from mum’s womb by kidnapper ‘who couldn’t have children’ in Mexico

A BABY hacked from her murdered mother's womb was found alive after an alleged kidnapper turned up at a hospital "covered in blood" and claimed the child was her own.

Eight months pregnant Rosa Isela Castro Vazquez, 20, was bundled into a car and butchered after going to meet a stranger who offered her free baby clothes on Facebook.

Her mutilated body was later found dead at a ranch in the Mexican state of Veracruz.

However, Rosa Isela's baby daughter was found alive and well when the police arrested two suspects, whose names have been given as Veronica "N" and Gonzalo "N".

Veronica, under the guise of a fake online profile, lured Rosa Isela away from home on the promise of free baby clothes before she went missing on November 30.

CCTV footage showed Rosa Isela meeting the suspect, Veronica, before being pushed into a vehicle and never being seen alive again.

In a horrifying act, the suspects reportedly slashed open the victim and stole the unborn baby from her womb.

Investigators have said that the female perpetrator had been unable to conceive children herself, and had been faking her pregnancy for eight months before the murder took place.

Authorities have revealed that Veronica appeared at a hospital "covered in blood" with the stolen child in her arms as she attempted to register the baby as her own.

On Monday, the two suspects appeared before a judge charged with kidnapping and femicide.

Disturbingly, Rosa Isela's murder mirrors an equally terrifying case from a few days earlier.

Pregnant Martha Aurora Ramírez Luis, 19, went missing with her friend after they boarded a taxi in Nuevo León State, Mexico on November 26.

The mum-to-be was later found dead on November 30 along with her friend, and her baby had allegedly been hacked from her womb.

The infant's current whereabouts are unknown, and the investigation is still ongoing.

The two harrowing crimes have shocked a country that faces the constant bombardment of news of murdered women on a daily basis.

So far in 2022, 2,831 women in Mexico have been murdered.

In 2021, 3,750 women were murdered. In 2020, this number was 3,723 - amounting to over 10 women a day, according to Amnesty International.

The heinous and strikingly similar murders happened only days after demonstrations took place across Mexico commemorating the Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25.

Calls to tackle Mexico's spiraling femicide crisis mount as the violence-plagued country continues to be rocked by a stratospherically high homicide rate.