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Nicola Bulley cops found ‘NO evidence of slip or fall’ at river where missing mum-of-two vanished


MYSTERY continues

COPS have revealed they have found “no evidence of a slip or a fall” while searching for missing mum Nicola Bulley.

The dog walker, 45, vanished after dropping her children off at school in St Michael's on Wyre, Lancashire, on Friday January 27.

Since then there has been no trace of the mum-of-two, leaving her family in agony.

Cops yesterday revealed their "main working hypothesis" was that Nicola had "sadly fallen" into the icy River Wyre.

Police explained they thought she may have plunged in while trying to retrieve her dog Willow's tennis ball.

However now Superintendent Sally Riley, of Lancashire police has said cops found “no evidence of a slip or fall” near the bench where Bulley’s mobile phone was found.

She told The Sunday Times: “I think if it had been a sloping bank, a commonsense view would be that you would expect to find scuff marks.

“If it is sheer and you lose your footing, you might not have any marks left on the grass. All of that has been subjected to a detailed search.”

However she also believes it is unlikely she was attacked by a third party. 

She explained: “When you triangulate all the witnesses, the CCTV, the digital and the telephone, the whole picture, it produces such a tiny window for criminal involvement that it becomes highly unlikely.

“This is a low-crime area. It’s genuinely a safe, tight-knit area, people look out for each other.

“A third-party [being] involved that we haven’t yet had sightings of, we haven’t caught on CCTV or dash-cam or all the other things I’ve mentioned, is just not likely.”