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Nicola Sturgeon's dream of independence is already questionable after the Supreme Court's ruling

Keir Starmer claims Nicola Sturgeon is playing Scot against Scot

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Scotland's First Minister on Tuesday, next OctoberScotland'sSecond Referendum on Independence Announced plans to hold. In the year, if the British government tries to prevent it, it vows to take legal action to ensure the vote. Mr. Sturgeonsaid the Scottish government, led by the independent Scottish National Party, has announced a referendum bill outlining plans for a withdrawal vote on October 19, 2023.

She also said she would send a letter to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking for permission to hold an advisory reference, but the law if he tried to stop her. The plan to acquire the right authority had already started.

"The problem of independence cannot be suppressed. It needs to be resolved democratically. It needs to be done through a process that goes beyond blame and gives confidence," Sturgeon said. He told the MSP of the developed Scottish Parliament.

"What I don't want to do, never do, is to allow Scottish democracy to be a prisoner of Boris Johnson or the Prime Minister."

But Sun According to Sir Pushon, the Prime Minister's quest was led by a Supreme Court ruling in October last year stating that Ms. Sturgeon's government "cannot be enacted in a way intended to put pressure on British authorities." It's already dented. About reservations ".

nicola sturgeon scottish independence referendum

Nicola Sturgeon is the second Scotland Independent voting(Image: GETTY)

sturgeon supreme court scotland independence

Surgeons are already facing a battle with the Supreme Court(Image: GETTY)

Supreme Court The two bills passed by the MSP are Scottish laws that underpin the revolution.

According to Sir Sampsion, the incident was "an advanced expedition and could be decided this fall," and "it is clearly unacceptable to drag any longer." "apparently.

He told BBC Radio Scotland: They were unable to legislate in a way intended to put pressure on British authorities on reserved issues.

"I think that's probably the main difficulty for Mr. Sturgeon's application."

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Ms. Sturgeon dispute the legality of the referee without the permission of the British government Having said she had been, she had already asked the main advocate, a senior Scottish lawyer, to refer the question to the British Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court said that after the referral to the president, it would decide if there were any preliminary issues to be addressed and when the case would be heard.

"At this stage, we cannot confirm when the case will be heard," he said in a statement.

If the court decides that the Scottish Parliament cannot hold an independent reference without the consent of the Prime Minister, Sturgeon will instead SNP with the next British election on the platform of whether Scotland should be independent. Said to fight.

Scottish voters with a population of about 5.5 million refused to become independent in 2014. However, the Scotland's semi-autonomous government has stated that the UK's departure from the European Union, which the majority of Scotland opposed, represents a problem. Must be included in the second vote.

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boris johnson scotland independence referendum

Boris Johnson said his government was the second time He says he will not approve the vote(Image: GETTY)

In the last year's election, the Independent Party won the majority, and Sturgeon is his party. Under pressure from some of us, we promised to vote by the end of 2023. call.

Boris Johnson and his ruling Conservatives, who oppose Scotland, said the problem was resolved in 2014, when Scotland independently voted 55% to 45% against, in a referendum. I strongly oppose it.

The votes for 2022 vary, with some showing similar divisions and others narrowing the gap.

Johnson previously refused to issue a "Section 30" order authorizing the Scottish Parliament to hold a reference, and at the beginning of Tuesday Britain's main priority was the economic pressure faced by the country. Said that.

His spokesman later reiterated that he believed it was not the time to discuss the new reference.