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PDC Darts: Gerwyn Price takes the biggest win of Ross Montgomery's career and makes a stunning comeback with a 'weird' victory

Darts star Ross 'The Boss' Montgomery made an incredible comeback on the PDC Tour last week, posting the biggest win of his career after dominating world No. 1 Gerwyn Price. won the victory.

East his Kilbride pitcher looked down in the second round of the 'Players' Championship 23' event as 'The Iceman' took his seemingly impregnable 5-1 lead in a best-of-thirteen clash. maintained.

However, Montgomery, ranked 122nd, fought back and won the match 6-5.

To further elaborate on this result, Price has won £1.2m in prize money this season, while Montgomery only has £9,000.

Boss, who lost 6-5 to Danny Bagish in his last 32 games, happily took his scalp, but he sympathized with Price, admitting it was a game he should never have won. doing.

He told Lanarkshire Live Sport: "This is the biggest win of my career, but I don't want to glamorize it too much.

"It was a strange situation, but I hit a doubles when I needed to, so I accepted it and moved on.

"He kept missing everything. I just stepped back, relaxed, and tried to get another leg, just to make it respectable.

" And the more Gerwin tried, the more he seemed to lack.

"The most nerve-wracking thing for me was going 5-5 with a 41 checkout.

Montgomery says Gerwyn Price was a great help during the tournament
Gerwyn-Pryce lost to Ross Montgomery

My shot in double.

55} "I felt sorry for Gerwin because I was in a position where I could not finish the game many times over the years.

"I was playing okay. But Gerwin was terrific in the first six legs.

"Then all of a sudden his wheels came off.

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"After that, Gerwyn was a perfect gentleman. Lost, but you can imagine how he felt.

"He would be furious.

"Gerwyn It should have been 6 to 1.

"He won this match, but it was just a dart he lost by the millimeter.

"Next Danny Jansen In the match, I missed the doubles and lost. That's why.

"The next time I draw Gerwyn, I know exactly what I'm going to do!"

Ross 'The Boss' Montgomery says he gained valuable advice from world no.1 Gerwyn Price
Ross "The Boss" Montgomery

Montgomery won the performance rights last winter and entered his first year on tour.

He admits that he has yet to win three bouncing events in the rankings and that his hopes of competing at the World Championships at Alexandra Palace at the turn of the year are very low. I'm here.

He added: “The season is going well.

``I need to get a few more wins on the board.

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