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People are just discovering a nifty sun visor hack to shield their eyes from sun

While all drivers pride themselves on knowing all things motoring, a new discovery proves that they might not know the inside of their car as well as they thought.

A woman has left people "freaked out" online after sharing a video on popular video-streaming service TikTok demonstrating a little-known feature on the car's interior.

Stephanie Booth - who boasts more than 290,000 followers on TikTok account @stephanieboothhome - shared a handy feature with the car's sun visor.

Upon sharing the video online, drivers are now claiming that they've been "missing out on life" after going about their cars unaware of the hidden detail.

Within the video, Stephanie demonstrated how drivers and passengers alike can keep the sun from "hitting" them while in the car.

It's simple - you merely have to unclip the visor from its original position and move it either left or right depending on what side of the car that you're sitting on.

After pulling the end of the sun visor, the TikToker was easily able to extend it and shield her eyesight from the sun's glare.

"Did you know your sun visor can do this?" Stephanie questioned.

Captioning the post, she wrote: "Get the sun out of your face by extending your car sun visor."

One person wrote: "Wow really."

A second added: "My parents didn't know that and when I demonstrated how it works, they freaked out."

"Just found that out today #age55," a different user penned.

On the other hand, other TikTokers claim to have known about the hidden feature for several years.

"Who doesn't know this?" One person questioned.

A second said: "I know this trick years ago

"If you didn't know this you're missing out on life," a third added.

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