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Pompeo speaks to 1/6 panel, Mastriano cuts his meeting short

The House of Representatives investigating the riots in the US Capitol interviewed former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and was a candidate for governor of theRepublican Partyin Pennsylvania on TuesdayI met Dagmas Trianobriefly. It scrutinizes Donald Trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Pompeo is a member after it becomes clear that some have expressed concern about the actions of the former president, as long as he is considering calling the 25th amendment process to remove Trump. He is one of Trump's former cabinet bureaucrats that the Society wanted to talk to. From the office after the riot. Pompeo's appearance was confirmed by a person familiar with the situation but not allowed to discuss it publicly.

Outside the Capitol on January 6, 2021, helped organize an effort to submit an alternative presidential elector under Trump inPennsylvania. Mastriano shortened the interview without answering the question. He challenged the effectiveness and appearance of the committee, his lawyer said.

The Commission is active until August, with Trump's smash hit hearing this summer reversing the election defeat to Joe Biden and the subsequent raid on the Capitol. After starting to outline the survey of multifaceted efforts, we are deepening the survey. January 6, 2021.

Meeting with Pompeo, who is considering a 2024 presidential election, was held with panel vice-chairman Liz Cheney on the committee with some former cabinet bureaucrats in mind. I have put it. Trump's Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin testified before the committee last month.

The plan to form an alternative electorate involves Republican officials from the fierce battle states across the country, who are currently facing questions from the January 6 committee and federal agents. The "fake voters" emerged as the final plan by Trump's team to prevent Biden's victory when Congress met for the typical day-to-day task of proving the state's election results. ..

Mastriano's lawyer, Timothy Parlatore, said his client had appeared before the commission ended within 15 minutes. He said he wanted to allow Mastriano to record the interview and said very little during the short session, Parlatore said they were planning to challenge the committee in court.

"He is currently in the general election, so we need some safeguards. They give false or misleading citations that could affect the election. This is to prevent the issue, "Parlatore said in a telephone interview.

Chairman Bennie Thompson issued a subpoena for Mastriano in February, and the panel may have stepped up its investigation into the "fake voter" plan and is closely associated with Trump. I asked for a document from him and others who were sexual.

The Commission "sends fake voter slate to Washington for information on efforts to change the outcome of the 2020 elections," Thompson wrote. The various states we believe in have relevant information on the planning and implementation of their plans.

Mastriano, who organized two buses from central Pennsylvania for a Trump speech prior to the violent siege and himself had VIP seats at the rally, then walked to the Capitol. I went. afternoon.

Mastriano said, "He knows nothing about riots," and he did not witness violence or see firearms. His client said he was ready to testify publicly in front of the panel.

A Retired Army officer Mastriano, who has defeated several candidates to emerge as a GOP candidate for the Governor of Pennsylvania, was previously prepared to speak to the Commission. He also spoke to the FBI last year, saying he was unaware of the planned riots. The lawyer said.

Mastriano said he made regular phone calls to then-PresidentDonald Trumpduring the months between Trump's re-election defeat and the January 6 riots in the Houses of Parliament. rice field.

His lawyer testified about the plans of the alternative electoral college to protect Mastriano here and there because his client was a state senator.

Parlatore stated that much of Mastriano's contact with Trump by January 6 was related to Mastriano's ability as a member of parliament. To the electoral college.

Parlatore filed proceedings in federal court in Washington, D.C., seeking to have judges determine whether the January 6 committee's composition and procedures violate House rules. I said it was planned.

The fake electoral fraud strategy that resulted from the false allegations of Trump's voter fraud was not Biden, the Democratic winner, but Biden submitted a tally of the defeated Republican presidents on several battlefields. It depended on having a state.

Federal authorities nationwide to individuals of other Republican executives who may be involved in the strategy of submitting voters to Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and Trump earlier this summer. Issued Subpoena in several major fierce battle states.

Georgia prosecutors are also investigating Trump's attempts to overturn the election results in that state.

The Justice Department has charged more than 800 people in a deadly parliamentary riot, investigating Trump's actions in preparation for the riot and in the aftermath.

The January 6 attack killed at least nine people in the riots and their aftermath. These include Trump supporters shot by police and police officers who died later.



reported by Harrisburg, PA