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Real-life ghostbuster shares chilling insight into mind of 'cult mum' killer Lori Vallow

A real-life ghostbuster has shared a chilling insight into the mind of evil "cult mum" Lori Vallow and other notorious serial killers.

Vallow, 49, was convicted of murdering her two children JJ Vallow, 7, and Tylee Ryan, 16, on 12 May this year after carrying out the killings in 2019.

She was also convicted of conspiring to murder Tammy Daybell, the late wife of her fifth husband Chad Daybell - who will face the same charges in a separate trial next year.

The six-week court case hit the headlines across the US after it was revealed the "cult mum" became obsessed with the idea of a looming apocalypse.

Lori was convicted of killing her two kids JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan (


Jam Press)

Ghostbuster Chris DeFlorio, a "demonologist" who performs exorcisms across the US with his wife Harmony, said: “Typically, when we hear the words ‘serial killer’, a Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, or a John Wayne Gacy come to mind.

“These murderers were motivated by power, control, and sex.

“The evil committed by these types of killers terrorised society and changed the way we go about our daily lives even today.

Chris DeFlorio has shared his chilling insight into the mind of ‘cult mum’ (


Jam Press)

“These types of killers are elusive and more difficult to detect because of certain personality traits most of us do not possess.

“The Psychopathy Checklist instituted by Robert Hare in the 1970s helped pave the way to understand the minds of these types of killers.”

Chris performing an exorcism (


Jam Press)

The former NYPD cop explained: “Serial killers have been categorised into four types: Hedonistic, Power/Control, Mission Oriented, and Visionary.

“If we look at the Visionary serial killer, we have an example in the Son of Sam, David Berkowitz.

“A Visionary killer believes he is commissioned by an entity which could be God, the Devil, an angel or even a demon-type dog, as in the case of Berkowitz, to carry out the killings.

He operates the non-profit organisation New York Demonic Investigation from his home (


Jam Press)

“They are out of touch with reality and their targets may vary from day to day, sometimes at a moment's notice.”

He believes the Vallow case was harder to solve due to her being a female serial killer - as their acts sometimes go unnoticed by authorities.

Chris said: “Lori Vallow fits into the criteria of a Psychopath.

“She was manipulative, deceitful, had a lack of remorse, empathy and more. What made this case harder to solve was that she was a female serial killer.”

The former cop said female serial killers are often more subtle and skilful in their manipulation of offers.

Chris explained: “According to the book ‘Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Approach’, female psychopaths tend to be more subtle and skilful in their aggression, in their exploitative relationships, and in their manipulation of others, indicating that many of their harmful acts go unnoticed by the authorities.

“She used these tactics to avoid becoming noticed as a danger - even before the murders were committed.

“Although there are many more factors involved in the Lori Vallow case, she slipped into the Visionary category as well - and showed many warning signs.

Serial killer David Berkowitz (


Jam Press)
Serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy were motivated by power, control and sex (


Jam Press)

“Unlike other categories of serial killings, a Visionary killer often leaves red flags years before their first murder.

“Vallow had delusions, hearing from angels, an obsession with end of times, and through the teaching of Chad Daybell, trying to discern light and dark spirits in people.”

The general public and the police can identify the potential warnings of a serial killer if they are better educated, according to Chris.

He revealed: “I believe the public and law enforcement can be educated in what to look for through a checklist of warning signs.

“I receive over a hundred calls for help a month, ranging from haunted homes to family members being possessed.

“For more than a few, I led them towards mental health counselling.”

He added: “Education and awareness are vital.

“We need to have people like me available for the public to reach out with concerns and help them seek proper help.

“If we learn from the past, maybe an unspeakable tragedy - as in the case of Lori Vallow - could be avoided.”

And with increased education, there is a better chance the killings can be prevented.

Chris added: “With education and awareness, lives can be saved and we have a better chance to profile and prevent Visionary killings.”

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