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'Keep your guard up!' Fabricant blows up Adonis, Lorde doubles down on Brexit mantra

Rishi Sunak promises new Brexit delivery department

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Boris Johnson will resign as prime minister on his July 7th, and a new Tory leader will be elected in September will serve as prime minister until Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak and Keel Steimer are all committed to Brexit, but Johnson's resignation has raised concerns that rejoiners will leave and overthrow the EU.

European Movement UK Chairman Andrew Adonis has repeatedly called on Twitter that the UK could return to the Customs Union & single market by 2030.

Lord said:

"Not in one fell swoop, but if the lab wins emissions, the death of a thousand cuts will accelerate.

"By 2030, as Euromove is campaigning, the UK will The Alliance & may return to the single market."

Michael Fabricant has blasted Lord Adonis’ claims that ‘if Boris goes, Brexit goes’Michael Fabricant has blasted Lord Adonis’ claims that ‘if Boris goes, Brexit goes’38}

Michael Fabricant denounced Lord Adonis' claim that 'Boris gone, no Brexit'(Image: GETTY)

Lord Adonis said post-Boris, Brexit will go by a ‘death of a thousand cuts’

Sir Adonis says Brexit will end in "death in pieces" after Boris (Image: GETTY)

In response, Litchfield Conservative MP Fabricant said:

Former Conservative MP David Bannerman added: Except they underestimate Liz Truss.

After stepping down as prime minister, Mr Johnson claimed in his July that the so-called "Deep State" was "trying to pull back to working with the EU as a prelude to an eventual return". .

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Michael Fabricant said ‘this is why we must remain vigilant’ against Remainers

(Image: Twitter)

Lord Adonis said the ‘shame’ of Brexit can be reversed ‘entirely’

Sir Adonis said Brexit 'shame' could be 'completely' reversed(Image: Express)

Withdrawn "completely", the UK will eventually rejoin the EU.

He said on Twitter on Sunday: - EU forces.

"By then, the pain, horror and shame of the Brexit disaster will be categorical."

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EU diplomats said a

EU diplomat said a 'radical' prime minister would drop relations to an all-time low (Image: EXPRESS)

Meanwhile, EU diplomats said they feared a "radical" new British prime minister would bring relations between Brussels and Britain to an all-time low.

Regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol, one of his EU diplomats told the Observer:

The ongoing Tory leadership struggle is only furthering "candidate radicalization," another added.

Ms Truss refused to withdraw a bill that nullified parts of the Protocol, previously stating that "most people in Northern Ireland believe the Protocol needs to be changed".

The European Policy Centre said Brexit has ‘permanently damaged’ EU and UK relations

The European Policy Center (Image: Express)

The Center said that Brexit "has permanently damaged relations between the EU and the UK.

Think tank analysts Emily Fitzpatrick and Fabian Zurieg wrote:


They also added:

"By then he is unlikely to reach an agreement on the NIP. Brussels is again in standby mode until UK domestic affairs settle down and real debate can resume."