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Riot police storm City Hall as LA votes for controversial homeless rule

Los AngelesThe city council has passed a controversial new plan to expand some of the land in a city where it is illegal to be homeless, prompting fierce protests. The city hall ended up with multiple arrests and riot police filling.

Authorities voted 11-3 on Tuesday, significantly expanding the so-called 41.18 zone and living within 500 feet of the city's schools and day care centers was a crime.

Many home advocates disagree with the proposal and estimate that it will further criminalize the homeless in areas affecting more than 20% of the cityCBS News LA report.

"That's not really keeping anyone safe," Martha Escudero, whose family was once uncontained, told the outlets. "Children not specifically contained. They put them in an ambiguous dark corner, and then they are prone to violence and death."

Proposal first approved by the council in July. Was put on the final vote for the third time after a series of procedural issues.

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