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The Royals were forced to immerse themselves in savings after exceeding £ 14,600,000.

It happens to all of us from time to time-we check our bank accounts and find that we've run out of budget for the month.

And in the crisis of living expensesof, many of us are in a pinch more than ever.

But it seems that we are not the only ordinary people ... even the royal family is "very conscious" of great oppression.

In fact, and now is the time to get the smallest violin. The monarchy ran out of £ 14.6 million this year and had to rely on savings.

The family spent £ 102.4 million on exposure from the Queen's annual review from 2021 to 2022. This is a 17% increase, almost one-fifth from the previous fiscal year.

Campaign group Republic blamed the numbers and called for the royal budget to be reduced to less than £ 10 million.

Chief Executive Officer Graham Smith said: ..

'Like any other public institution, the monarchy needs to be on a proper budget base. '

Funded by taxpayers through Soveringland,official royal trip is £ 4.5 million, housekeeping and hospitality is £ 1.3 million, utility is £ 3.2 million, salary It's £ 23.7 million.

After a decade of multi-million pound projects to renovate Buckingham Palace, asset maintenance increased by £ 14.4 million to £ 63.9 million.

The palace was able to raise an additional £ 9.9 million through the opening of visitors and other money-making plans.

However, the royal finances still lacked £ 14.6 million, and the accountant was "forced to immerse himself in the reserves of the palace."

Sir Michael Stevens, the keeper of His Majesty's Secret Purse, warned that it was a "challenge" time for the monarchy.

In submitting his report, he said: "There has been a significant increase in work on tight deadlines to allow Buckingham Palace to become the center of the Platinum Jubilee celebration. We are pleased to have delivered it against our plans."

The four-day celebration to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Queen's joining in early June is said to have cost £ 28 million.

'I will continue to do so as sovering lands may level off over the next few years, limiting inflationary pressures on operating costs and the ability to increase supplementary income in the short term. Contrary to our plans, we manage these impacts through our own efforts and efficiency, "added Sir Michael.

According to royal sources, Prince Charles is very much about the cost of his life crisis, especially how it affects the occupants of the Duchess of Cornwall and their welfare. We are paying close attention.

They say that the heirs to the throne "sit around the farmer's table" on these challenges. Said that he spent time.

'He wants to hear from them what their living experience is, so he can see what we can do to help them and support them along the way. increase. A living crisis, families are very aware of this, "sources said.

"The Prince of Wales pays close attention to this." asks Buckingham Palace for comment. Please contact the news team by sending an email to

 [email protected].

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