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Russians were forced to flee strategic Snake Island by hitting Vladimir Putin hard

Russia has admitted that its troops have fledVladimir Putinfrom the strategic Black Sea outpost, Snake Island.

The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed the news that they claim to have left as a humanitarian gesture.

"In good faith, the Russian army has completed its mission on Snake Island today and withdrew the garrison stationed there," the ministry said.

Various pro-government Russian telegram channels also confirmed the abandonment, stating that "after heroic defense, our troops left the Serpent Island."

Andrey Jermac, head of the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's office, wrote onTwitter:

Snake Island was occupied byRussiaon the first day of the invasion, and the Ukrainian border guards stationed there refused to request the surrender of Russian warships worldwide. It became famous.

Ukraine states that Russian troops have withdrawn from Snake Island (


Ukrainian MoD / E2W News)

Reportedly, Ukrainian troops attacked Snake Island overnight, and Russian troops on the island Escaped and exploded in five small boats. Hardware at their departure.

Ukrainian military expert Oleg Zhdanov previously told theBBCthat if Russian troops succeeded in occupying Snake Island or Zmiinyi Island, they would "sea, land, air. You will dominate. " It is located in the northwestern part of the Black Sea and south ofUkraine.

Russia'sDepartment of Defensesaid its so-called withdrawal did not prevent the United Nations' efforts to organize a humanitarian corridor for the Russian Federation to ship agricultural products from Ukraine. Is shown to the world society. " ".

Russian military spokesman Igor Konashenkov argues that this decision can no longer export grain because Ukraine" has complete control of the northwestern part of the Black Sea. " He said it meant that he couldn't.

"It is up to the Ukrainian side to not yet clear the Black Sea coastline, including the waters of the harbor," the ministry said.

Ukrainian soldiers making last stand on Snake Island in Ukraine(


Военный Осведомитель Telegram)

Ukraine's Southern Command today, June 28, as a result of a successful military operation, Russian troops are large on the island I reported that I made a loss. According to Ukraine.

They reportedly have 40 soldiers, a Pantsir S-1 missile system, two howitzers "Msta-B" and a self-propelled "Msta-S" howitzer, and Lost 3 armor and other vehicles.

Today, Operations Command said onFacebook, "The enemy hastily evacuated the wreckage of the garrison, and the island is now covered withfire. ".

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