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Former Ryan Giggs player says footballer 'looked me straight in the eye and headbutted me'

A court of

today said soccer player Ryan Giggs was accused of "looking straight into his eyes, I got a headbutt in the face," he said. House.

Kate Greville is ex-Manchester United after showing her 105-minute police interview, recorded on November 18, 2020, to a jury of seven women and five men. Appeared on her second day of the player's trial.

The 36-year-old PR executive spoke of "red flags" in their relationship, including Giggs repeatedly "flipping" in a hotel room, Miller. 12}

Giggs was charged with assaulting Greville and her sister, Emma Greville, on November 1, 2020, and was also charged from 2017 to November 2020. He is accused of controlling and coercive actions over Kate Greville.

He I deny the allegations.

Under investigation by Peter Wright QC, on behalf of CPS, Greville said his lips were swollen and he tasted blood immediately after being headbutted on the night of November 1, 2020.

A jury heard that she had decided to leave Giggs permanently at the end of an on-off relationship that began in 2014.

"I had a secret apartment contract and was going to talk to a lawyer about the dog." I went back to Giggs blocked her car in his Range Rover.

Greville told the court: He was very angry. I never saw him angry. He kept saying, "I'm going to make sure you never see that dog again." I was so upset because he was my absolute world, that dog.

Arguments raged in the house, she said. "He was pining me down. I was yelling at my sister for help. 'Get him off me.' I was like, 'Emma, ​​help me get him off of me.' She grabbed him by the waist."

Greville said Giggs had left the house but had her phone. When Giggs returned, she said he had called the police and intended to accuse Greville of being a "psycho."

Greville He then told him he was glad the police were on their way—he allegedly headbutted her. , headbutted me in the face," she said. "He came up to me out of nowhere, grabbed me by the shoulder, and headbutted me.

"I said, 'I can't believe you did that.' I was in shock.I fell back.My lips immediately swollen and I could taste blood.He wanted to hurt me on purpose.He looked me straight in the eye and said to my face.

Ms. Greville said to Giggs, then to her: 'You have to think about this Kate. Think about your job, your career, your kids.”

The jury found that Greville felt "violated" by Giggs, and that "all his needs were met." I have already heard evidence that they had to pander. Giggs called her "totally c***."

Judges Hillary Manley, Wright and Chris Doe spoke to the QC on behalf of the defense behind the screen she could see. Greville said she struggled with anxiety and had panic attacks during their relationship.

Greville stated that she "felt constantly attacked by him" and that she sent him personal messages that left her "embarrassed and humiliated." I explained in detail how the was sent.

One of her messages from Giggs to her Greville stated that she was "an evil and terrible child" and that "you don't deserve to be a parent."

The indicted Greville said in an upset voice, "I really wanted a child.

Giggs referred to Greville as "Stacey," the name of his ex-wife. "It was like his ultimate insult," said Greville. .He would say it quite a lot. He would say she was making hell his life, and I was like her."

accused him of having another affair with a colleague and threatened to bring it up at work. { .

"It was scary," Greville told the court. Anything that bothers me, humiliate me.

On another occasion, after the two blocked each other on a messenger service, Giggs sent Greville an email with the subject "Blackmail" and an attachment. He said he had "randomly" sent naked pictures to her..

During a police interrogation, Greville said Giggs would leave home during the first Covid-19 lockdown in 2020.

She said Giggs claimed to have dragged Giggs out of her Dubai hotel room after accusing her of seeing another woman. After getting into a fight, she later told officers that Giggs kicked her in the back as she got into bed before throwing a bag containing a laptop at her head.

In a related 2017 incident, Greville told a police officer, "When I went back to my hotel room [from the nightclub], I said something and he flipped over again."

"I was undressed. He grabbed my wrists very hard, dragged me into the lounge bit, grabbed all my suitcases that had fallen on the floor, and took all of them. I threw my suitcase down the hallway and then closed the door.I was there naked and all my things were in the hallway.I put all my things back in and went back to bed- A towel had to be wrapped around her to retrieve her belongings. He described his behavior as "naive" and "gullible".

She said Giggs got even more upset after spending the night in London around Christmas 2019. I landed on the floor from the bed.. I was like, ``What happened? Head. He left me naked in the lounge bit.

"I remember getting up in the morning, but when you wake up you don't immediately remember what happened.

" I remember asking him, 'Did you throw my bag on my head?' You made me so angry that you made me do that. He said he woke up with a bump on his head.

At the beginning of the police interrogation, Greville said she was working for her PR agency hired by a company partly owned by the footballer when she met Giggs in 2013. rice field.

Greville said she and Giggs started having an affair after talking about their unhappy marriage and calling the hotel room he was staying in to have his shirt autographed. I was.

"I felt like I had met my best friend who was getting me out of the marriage," said Greville. "He said I was his soulmate. It was more than sexual."

The trial continues.

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