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San Antonio Trailer Death-Latest: Driver Homero Zamorano and three others charged with toll 53

At least 46 bodies were found in the trailer, San Antonio officials say

Truck driver Homero Zamarano Four people, including Jr., have died of San Antonio immigrants, and the Justice Departmentannouncedon Wednesday.

A 45-year-old woman was charged with one case of alien smuggling and died. He is from Brownsville, but is based in Pasadena, Texas, officials said. He may face life imprisonment or the death penalty.

Three others have also been indicted, including Christian Martinez, who allegedly discussed the smuggling program over the phone with Mr. Zamarano, and Juan Francisco Dornamendez, a Mexican citizen. Used to register tractor trailers that smuggled immigrants.

At least 53 people were found dead, "stacked" in a trailer truck nearSan Antonio,Texas, authorities Believe to be the deadliest human being. -Trafficking cases in modern American history.

PresidentJoe Bidencalled the "tragic loss of life" in Texas "terrifying and tragic," and San Antonio Mayor Ron Nielenberg called it. I called it "a terrifying human tragedy."


San Antonio Sheriffs invaded Abbott to turn the tragedy of immigrant trailers into "one big campaign stunt"

On Tuesday, Sheriff Javier SalazarUSAPresidentJoe Bidenand Mr Abbott complained that at least 53 migrants used the tragedy of the dead trailer to earn political points.

The Governor of Texas blamed Mr Biden and his immigration policy for the tragedy of San Antonio.

My colleagueMaroosha Muzaffar has more:

'I've seen Governor Abbott portray this humanitarian crisis as an invasion of some sort of enemy'


Supreme Court ruling on controversial "stay in Mexico" policy imminent

The tragedy of San Antonio immigrants attracted attention in the Byden administration's border policy. And one of the most controversial aspects of the border administration is expected to be decided by the Supreme Court in the coming days.

The court will consider the so-called "stay in Mexico" policy. Launched under Donald Trump in 2019, the rule forced asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their claims were being processed, months or years in filthy camps in border cities. Even got stuck.

The Biden administration tried to cancel the program on the first day of his inauguration, but in a proceeding from Texas and Missouri, the judge went to the White House in December. Forced the policy to revive.

Trump era policy to keep asylum seekers waiting for a hearing in the U.S. Immigration Court in Mexico Two more indicted in San Antonio on Tuesday in US Supreme Court


Smuggling operations to be carried out

A suspected truck driver and a conspirator accused of cramming dozens of migrants who died in the heat of an attempted smuggling in Texas were accused on Wednesday. He was charged with a trafficking crime in US federal court.

Homero Zamorano Jr. (45) was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of being involved in trafficking, according to aJustice Ministry news release.

The arrest occurred after SAPD police officers were informed about his whereabouts. After he tried to abstain, they found him hiding in a bush. He was charged with criminal charges of death in an alien smuggling incident.

Christian Martinez, 28, arrested Tuesday in Palestine, Texas, was charged with conspiracy to transport and kill undocumented migrants. Said the Justice Ministry.

Previously, JuanClaudio D'Luna-Mendez and Juan Francisco D'Luna-Bilbao were charged with "illegal foreigners possessing weapons in the United States." CNN reportedly filed two separate criminal charges in the Federal District Court for the Western District of Texas.

If convicted, each man will face life imprisonment, or perhaps the death penalty, DOJ suspects of being the most deadly migrant trafficking case on record. While announcing the United States.

Mourners pay homage to a makeshift monument



Death of an immigrant from San Antonio Delays efforts on ID victims

The victim was found without any identification, and in some cases the ID was stolen. Remote villages do not have telephone services to contact families and locate missing migrants. Fingerprint data needs to be shared and collated by various governments.

Two days after the discovery of 51 dead migrants in a suffocating trailer in San Antonio

, the identities of the victims were largely undisclosed. It does not show the challenges facing the authorities, secretly tracking people across borders.

Body without ID, remote village without telephone service, crossing borders The Need to Share Fingerprint Data Even stolen IDs complicate efforts to identify 51 dead migrants found in San Antonio. Families from Mexico to Honduras are worried that their loved ones may be among them


Texas trailer tragic immigrants died in search of a better life

Childrenearn enough to feed their siblings Parents who set out hoping to get. Young adults who sacrificed attending college because they thought it would lead to success disillusioned their country. A man who was already working in the United States and returned to visit his wife and children decided to take his cousin when he returned to the United States.

When a family of 67 was packed into a trailer truck and abandoned in Texas on Monday, they confirmed their worst fears and began talking about their relatives. It formed from Honduras to Mexico.

A family of 67 people packed into a tractor trailer and abandoned in Texas confirm their confirmation. The story of the worst fears and their relatives when they started, the general story of pursuing a better life, from Honduras to Mexico


ICYMI: Two men charged with illegal weapon possession

Dozens of hot and humid conditions in a tractor trailer this week Two men were arrested in connection with the Texas truck that killed a person. According to court documents, a federal prosecutor charged him with possession of illegal weapons.

Police initially said on Tuesday that three people had been arrested in connection with a horrifying scene.

Late Tuesday night, it was revealed that Juan Claudio Dorna Mendes and Juan Francisco Dorna Bilbao were "accused of illegal possession of weapons by foreigners. I did.According to two separate criminal charges filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Texas,CNN reads the full report from

The following independent:

With the truck driver Two others were arrested shortly after the incident, officials said


Explainer: Dangerous Mixage of Heat and Moisture Immigrants Death

A combination of heat and moisture was found to kill dozens of migrants, packed Experts said they would soon create a life-threatening condition in an unair-conditioned tractor trailer.

It's unclear how long people stayed in the trailer, but it would only take less than an hour for the temperature to rise above 125F (51C). Jennifer said Vanos, an assistant professor of climate and health at Arizona State Universitywho studied the death of a child in a car.

The death toll rose to 53 on Wednesday. This was two days after a tractor trailer full of 67 people was found abandoned at the end ofSan Antonio. Marks the country's most deadly smuggling episode on the US-Mexico border.

Here's why the situation was so dangerously wrong:

Experts say the combination of heat and humidity has caused dozens of immigrants this week. A life-threatening condition soon occurred in a packed, unaired tractor trailer that turned out to be dead

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Kamala Harris criticizes the Governor of Texas for "going straight to politics" after the deaths of 53 immigrants in San Antonio

In an interview with NPR on Wednesday, the Democrats asked co-host Asma Khalid a question about the overthrow ofRoe v Wade, and then the two talked about the problem south of the border. I started to talk.

"I think I saw at least 50 migrants die in a tractor trailer in San Antonio, Texas last night," said Khalid. "I wanted to get a better understanding from you, but through administrative authority, through administrative actions, are there any new plans you have to tackle this issue?

Late Monday night, within hours of the news arrival, dozens of people were trapped in a sultry trailer, with no signs of water or air conditioning, to fight triple-digit temperatures. Internally, the Governor of Texas tweeted that the responsibility for the case was at the feet of the Byden administration.

JohannaChisholmhas more details.

In an NPR interview, the "broken" immigration system was "thinned out" by Trump. Management


About the victims of the San Antonio smuggling tragedy What We Know

The two cousins ​​returned to a small smuggling village that grew up in southern Mexico about two weeks ago, for generations from remote, poor mountainous areas. Say goodbye to the place where the immigrants passed. Oaxaca.

Not the first trip to the US-Mexico border for Javier Flores Lopez, now in his mid-thirties, who left Seroverde formany years ago. .. Ohio, where his father and brother lived, he worked in construction.

He went home and briefly met his wife and three little children, said his cousin Francisco Lopez Hernandez. This time he returned toUSAwith another cousin, Jose Luis Basquez Guzman (32). He went for the first time and wanted to join his brother who was in Ohio.

While everyone knew the risks, countless people from Cerro Verde made it safely across the US-Mexico border with the help of smugglers. So it was a shock, said Lopez Hernandez. Abandoned in a sultry tractor trailer in the sun ofTexasto find out about his cousin and dozens of other immigrants.

Two cousins ​​living in remote areas of southern Mexico were packed into a trailer truck67 I was in a person. Abandoned in the sultry Texas sun


Explainer: Heat, Moisture Dangerous Mixture Immigrant Deaths

A combination of heat and humidity turned out to have killed dozens of migrants, living in a packed, unair-conditioned tractor trailer. Experts said the threatening situation soon occurred.

It's unclear how long people stayed in the trailer, but it only takes less than an hour for temperatures to rise above 125 degrees Celsius (51 degrees Celsius). Probably. Jennifer Vanos, an assistant professor of climate and health at Arizona State University, who studied the death of a child in a car, said.

Deaths increased to 53 on Wednesday, two days after the abandoned tractor trailer (full of 67) was found on the edge ofSan AntonioDid. Marks the country's most deadly smuggling episode on the US-Mexico border.

According to experts, the combination of heat and humidity can cause life-threatening conditions in the pack. It happened immediately. , Dozens of migrants found dead this week, unair-conditioned tractor trailer