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A 10-year-old high school girl was hit by a motorcycle while playing with her friends and now has trouble walking

A schoolgirl ends up spending the rest of her school vacation in the hospital and is having trouble walking after a motorcycle hits the sidewalk, blows her away, and slows her down.

Emily McGregor's legs were in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotlandat around 7:40 pm on Saturday (August 6) when she was killed in a horrific hit-and-run. I broke my bones badly.

When a 10-year-old boy was playing with a friend, one of her two motorcycle riders climbed onto the sidewalk and knocked the boy over.

The two of her, who were on motorcycles, drove off, after which police sought information on the identities of the two of her.

Her 33-year-old mother of two, who is heavily pregnant, was at the scene with her son after receiving a distressing call that her daughter had been beaten. I rushed over.

This young man has trouble walking because of the heavy cast that was necessary due to the severity of his fracture.

Emily McGregor and her family before the incident (


Daily Log)
The young man was playing with a friend when she was hit (


} daily log)

Families remain agitated due to rampant speeding bicycles and are afraid to let their children play

The incident happened just weeks after Emily was appointed as a sports ambassador. She said she was disappointed not to know when she would be able to play sports again.

"It was Saturday and Emily and her friends had just met to go out and play. But five minutes later she got a call from a friend who said Emily had been hit by a motorcycle and ran into the street and her son called an ambulance," Laura told Edinburgh Live.

"An ambulance came and a second ambulance came and took her to Sick Kids. She had to move her leg and was put in a cast. It was too tight and I was using crutches, but I had a lot of broken legs, so the cast was very heavy and I had a lot of trouble using crutches."

Emily talked with her mother about the shocking incident and explained what had happened.A friend called me and her brother called an ambulance.

"Emily You've handled it pretty well, but I'm worried about the psychological impact and future scars.She was out on the road playing with friends and that should never have happened. The group (motorcycle drivers) are always riding their bikes around here.”

Emily McGregor before the incident and his family (


Daily Log)

Despite his brave face A young man who loves outdoor activities has just become a sports ambassador. She appreciates the whole school, but is heartbroken now because she doesn't know when she will be able to participate again.

Laura explained: "She has just become a sports ambassador for p7 and the entire school. She is unable to participate in all sports and for the foreseeable future. Doctors have advised her to stay active for at least six weeks.

"She is very proud to be a sports ambassador, and she has the sports ambassador painted on her back." She got a school hoodie, but now she's worried about it and she says she never wants to walk the streets again. No one under the age of 16." She is not allowed to visit her in the hospital, so she cannot see her friends and it is the last day of summer vacation.

"It's probably worse than prison. She has an iPad and a TV, but that's it. I'm six months pregnant and I spend the night in a tiny bed."

"Everyone in the community is affected and they are sick of it happening." The fact that children are beaten for doing something is disgusting.They run away immediately," she said. can happen, but I hate the fact that they left her and walked away so quickly, not sure if she was okay.

''It would be very stressful and difficult to adjust to, but The hospital staff are very nice, she is on pain meds and want to make sure she recovers properly.

Police now have an investigation underway to track down those responsible, and anyone with information please come forward.

Lieutenant Kylie Barnard of the Livingston Police Department said: He would also appreciate hearing from anyone who has private CCTV or dashcam footage of her.

This incident occurred between Logan Way and Morrison Way.

If you may have witnessed the incident, please contact. Scottish Police call her 101, citing case number 3223 on 6 August. Alternatively, you can anonymously call the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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