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Scotland thunderstorm warning issued as floods and hail could bring disruption

Scotland is under two thunderstorm warnings on Sunday and Monday (14-15 August). The Bureau of Meteorology's yellow warning follows the heatwave that has overtaken most of this week.

Thunderstorms are expected on Sunday as the yellow warning begins at noon. On Monday, the yellow warning will be extended to more regions and will end at 11:59 PM.

Storms of thunder, hail and strong winds could cause disruptions in some areas, causing flooding and the partial cancellation of trains and buses, weather forecasters warned. I'm here.

Sunday yellow thunderstorm warning

Met Office weather warning map
Japan Meteorological Agency weather warning for Sunday, August 14

Some areas remain dry, but thunderstorms hit Sunday and Sunday night, causing disruption in some areas. may occur.

What to expect

  • Flooding, lightning, hail, or high winds could damage some buildings, causing rapid flooding of homes and businesses. There are
  • Floods and lightning strikes can cause delays and cancellations of train and bus services
  • Splashes and sudden floods make driving difficult and close some roads
  • There is a small chance of power outages

According to The Met Office's warning report, "Covered clouds in parts of Northern Ireland and Scotland on Sunday afternoon. Heavy rain and thunderstorms are likely in some places, with up to about 50 mm of rain possible over the next 2-3 hours, which could lead to disruption. These can last overnight in some locations. Hail and frequent lightning are potential additional hazards."

Yellow Thunderstorm Warning Monday

Met Office weather warning map
Thunderstorm warning extended to more areas on Monday, Aug. 15

Parts of the area will remain dry, but thunderstorms are likely on Monday, bringing localized heavy rain and disruption.

What to expect

  • Damage to buildings from floods, lightning, hail, or high winds may cause rapid flooding of homes and businesses
  • In the event of flooding or lightning, train and bus services may be delayed or canceled
  • Sprays and sudden flooding may make driving difficult and close some roads There is
  • a small chance of a power outage

Monday's warning reads: By early Monday morning, before developing in parts of England and Wales in the late morning and afternoon.

``The storm should begin to ease later from the west. Precipitation is 20-30 mm, with the potential for up to about 50 mm of rain in 3-6 hours.Hail and frequent thunderstorms are also possible."

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