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Scots woman lost feeling in feet and legs after falling down stairs while giving blood

A Scots woman blacked out causing her to fall down the stairs after giving blood at a donor centre in Glasgow.

Nicole McGinley donated a pint of blood on Wednesday, June 7 at the Nelson Mandela Place office when she took a tumble and hit the back of her head on a marble staircase.

The 25-year-old said she lost sensation in her feet and legs which caused her to lose balance. Nicole, from Maryhill, was left badly bruised, however said it could have been worse if it wasn't for a woman who helped "save" her life.

Nicole told Glasgow Live she was keen to get in touch with her to show her appreciation.

She said: "I fell face down on the staircase and hit all my limbs and head on the way down. I smacked the back of my head and I couldn't move my neck, my back was really sore.

"I had woken up on the floor not knowing what had happened and really emotional and embarrassed. I couldn’t feel my feet or my legs.

"I saw this lovely woman coming towards me and she looked really concerned, and asked if I was okay. My things had fallen out of my bag and scattered everywhere, she picked them up and then sat with me before helping me get up.

"She took me back into the centre and made sure I got assistance from the nurses. They had all come in and put me onto a stretcher. She stood with me until they called the ambulance."

It's understood a rapid response vehicle and ambulance raced to the scene where Nicole was treated before being taken to hospital for treatment.

She added: "They thought I had broken my neck and my back.

"I feel really thankful that she was there and she helped me. She was so patient and understanding, she was there for me.

"I went in to essentially save a life and I really think she’s helped to save mine. I would love to get in contact with her to say thanks and give her flowers.

"I’d also like to thank the nurses for helping me and keeping me safe."

We have contacted the Scottish Ambulance Service for a comment.

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