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Sleep experts recommend that parents put their children to bed by 5:30 p.m.

Sleep experts adviseparents to put their children to bed early by 5:30 p.m. claim.

Autumn, a children's sleep coach and sharing advice on her Instagram page @restgrowthrive, recommends thatyoung people go to bed earlier. claims to have several advantages. While admitting that an early sleep schedule may seem "scary," she says it's her "secret weapon" for helping little ones get a good night's sleep, Hull Live reports..

In one videothat has over 4.1 million views, Autumn explains: Believe me, I get it - early bedtime is scary!"

"Most of the time, parents think it leads to getting up early. It can be your secret weapon for getting your child well rested at night and paying off the accumulated sleep debt,” continued the sleep expert.

"It *usually* ends up with the child sleeping until their normal wake-up time," Autumn said. She went on to say that "very early bedtime" (meaning 5:30 p.m.) was not meant to be "their new normal forever."

Further explaining, she explains: -go, or not present at all.

An example of moving your child's bedtime earlier is if your child experiences long early rises. Autumn says this could be due to a "chronic sleep debt," and that moving your bedtime a few nights earlier might help you "pay off the sleep debt."

Another example of temporary early bedtime is if you are taking "insufficient" or "non-existent" naps, especially if you may have been in daycare.

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