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Man's hand 'cut off' outside Yorkshire social club

It was reported that a man's hand was cut off after being violently attacked outside Yorkshire's Workingman's Club this evening (9 August).

YorkshireLive claims witnesses saw a hand on the ground after hearing a "squeak" coming from the direction of his men's club working in Dayton, Huddersfield. I am reporting that

A startled witness claimed to have seen his two men in balaclavas attacking the victim.

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A woman in her fifties said: A young man has one hand chopped off, and the hand falls to the floor.

``I don't usually have nightmares, but tonight I think I will. saw him running into the pub, they locked the door.

"Blood spots everywhere."

West Yorkshire Police confirmed the attack and confirmed the victim was taken to hospital with "serious injuries."

A spokesperson added: “At approximately 5:27 pm today (Tuesday, August 9), police were called to a workers' club on Dayton Road, Huddersfield, with reports that a man had been seriously injured.

“Emergency services rushed to the scene and found the victim with serious injuries to his legs and hands. There was.”

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