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Students find a toad hiding in a suitcase after a 6,000-mile journey from Thailand

A student was stunned when toads popped out of his luggage after traveling 6,000 miles from Thailand.

Hannah Turiantraveled to a tropical countryto volunteer at her school shortly after completing her psychology degree. Cardiff Universitystudents packed their suitcases around 1:30 am after traveling home for 35 hours.

She pulled out a toothbrush and a few other items, but she didn't notice anything unusual at this point. However, the horror of her life seizes when Hannah discovers a stowaway passenger in her clothes while calling her mother the next morning.

She told Wales Online: I closed the suitcase, ran out of the room and screamed.

"My roommate woke up and carried the suitcase to the bathroom. A toad jumped out. There are some pretty dangerous things in Thailand."

Hannah put the toad in a bowl to help him take on some water.
Hannah is a toad. in a bowl so that the toad can attack.

Hannah and her housemate immediately called her RSPCA, but initially the phone line was directing them to the organization's website. I was able to speak to someone on the phone. They were told that no one would be able to collect the toads until the next day at the earliest. His skin turned a dull green hue and he immediately jumped into a bowl of water left by Hannah. He was in a suitcase in the cargo hold. His journey totaled 35 hours.Hannah's friend was waiting in Reading to pick her up and drive to Cardiff.

Luckily, a hero comes forward to rescue Robert.Jackie who rehomes Reptile at her home in Cwmbran. Her collection includes bearded dragons, leopard geckos, and red iguanas.

After a mammoth journey, Ozzy is settling into his new home.
After a huge journey, Ozzy settled into her new home.

Jackie changed Robert's name to Ozzy, telling Wales Online: I've had a few calls before that bananas were imported and little frogs came across them, but never with these toads.

"He's a common Asian toad. He's fine.He ate a lot of food yesterday and scooped up water.And then there were wood lice and bugs and some snacks.He showed up at Hannah's house with gloves on and a quarantine area ready.She

She said: "We hope Ozzy is okay." When they are wild-caught, they need to enter a home where they can feel a little more energetic, and they don't always show that they are sick. Made and ate. Toad is pretty hardy. Well done he, bless him."

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