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Taiwan bites, rejects China's policies, deals a heavy blow to the dream of reunification

China could pressure Taiwan with economic boycott, experts say

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The news continued to escalate afterUS House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the island. It was brought when China has responded by conducting live-fire exercises and withdrawing from several Sino-American agreements as armed attacks continue to be launched from Beijing.

Taipei yesterday ignored a white paper calling for the island of Taiwan to be "absorbed" into a one-China policy.

China has said it intends to pursue reunification peacefully, but shares a candid and outspoken statement about going to war if necessary.

28} Regarding the proposal, Taiwan's Continental Affairs Commission said that "one country, two systems" was "unacceptable" and "not an option for Taiwan."

The rejection was also supported by Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reflecting outrage at the idea.

Taiwan Reject

Taiwan rejected China's white paper (Image: Getty)


Many pro-China protesters protested Pelosi's arrival in Taiwan (Image: Getty)

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Joan Wu said: said like This includes recent military drills, cyberattacks, and disinformation to try to coerce Taiwan, and the so-called policy white paper on Taiwan to further its so-called grand mission of reunification with the motherland. Announced.

While China hopes for a peaceful reunion, the white paper also states that if "external forces" and "separatist elements" push the islands too close to independence, Beijing will refrain from using force.

China has repeatedly made clear to the United States that Taiwan is a red line and that Washington's support for "independence forces" could lead to war.

This is her first white paper of its kind in more than 20 years, suggesting that China is looking to accelerate its reunification program with Taiwan.

Macron risks war with China as France sends tough message to President Xi Jinping

Joanne Ou

Spokeswoman Joanne Ou said China was responsible for the cyber attack (Image: Getty)

China Military

China wants a peaceful reunion but has not ruled out conflict if necessary (Image: Getty)

Zhu Guilan, an expert at the Institute of Taiwan, according to a Tsinghua University study, "One country, two systems fully ensures compatibility between different social systems within a country. Therefore, it is an institutional innovation to ensure national unity and peaceful development.”


“Mainland goodwill in policy has always been thwarted or distorted by the island media, most of which are controlled by DPP officials to promote separatist positions.

” Therefore, it is not an easy task for Taiwan compatriots to understand “one country, two systems” accurately and accurately.

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{15 0} One China

Hong Kong falls under a similar One China - Two Systems policy (Image: Getty)

The United States has pledged to protect Taiwan from China and has supplied the island with much defense equipment.

Chinese experts have expressed concern that the weapon is not merely defensive, but can reach the mainland.

In response, China has expanded its defense program, launched a third aircraft carrier named "Fujian" after the closest mainland province to Taiwan, and stepped up patrols of China's highly strategic chokepoints. Taiwan Strait.

The United States is seeking to change its own policy toward Taiwan in response to rising tensions between Beijing and Washington.

Menendez and Graham

Senators Menendez and Senators Graham NATO-Friendly Countries Seeking Taiwan Realization (Image: Getty)

Senators Bob Menendez and Lindsey Graham recently described Taiwan as a "major non-NATO ally." submitted a bill to designate Over four years he approves £3.8bn in military aid to the islands and calls for economic sanctions in response to China's aggression.

Mr. Menendez said the United States could not make the same "mistake" with Taiwan that it did with Ukraine.

He argued that even though it was clear that one of his main motives for President Vladimir Putin's launch of the invasion was US intervention in Ukraine, the United States did not want a Russian invasion. argued that it did not support Kyiv enough to prevent it.

He said:

"The United States therefore needs to reduce ambiguity to guide its approach to Taiwan."