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FBI raids Trump's Mar-a-Lago home: Who knew what and when?

The FBI's assault on former President Donald Trump's residence in Marago, Palm Beach, Florida is an unprecedented step by agencies already facing the challenge of responding to historic moments. was.

According to the former president who issued the statement, the agent raided the resort facility early Monday evening. The news rocked Washington, which had never seen this kind of law enforcement activity directed at the former president.

In a statement released shortly before 7 pm local time, former President Mar-a-Lago was "currently besieged and attacked by a large group of FBI agents. It is occupied, "he complained.

The news rushed from Monday evening to Tuesday morning, revealing who had the facts and who didn't, as well as the need for the Justice Department to respond quickly to the public. ..

Before the Department of Justice officially outlines why this shocking action was taken, let's take a look at who knew when and what:

Donald Trump

You would think Donald Trump was the first person to know about the FBI investigation into his home. But he was actually in New York at the time. The video showed him leaving the Trump Tower in Manhattan shortly after he announced the news of the assault. His remarks about the agent's behavior were based on a second-hand account of the situation.

Attorney General Merrick Garland

The Justice Department has not publicly commented, but a raid of this importance was necessary. That is almost certain. His personal signature on the decision. The Attorney General had previously vowed to follow the facts of the January 6 investigation (and thus all other criminal investigations), wherever evidence leads, regardless of rank or privilege.

Federal Judge of Florida

The investigation warrant requires the approval of a judge, including the attack on Mar-a-Lago. It was no exception. The identity of the judge who approved the attack is not yet officially known, but according to theGuardian,was required to be approved and obtained from a federal justice of the peace based in West Palm Beach, Florida. it was done. The New York Postreported that Judge Bruce Reinhardt approved the warrant.

Joe Biden

The White House and the President seemed to be as distracted by the news as everyone else. rice field. The Justice Department is supposed to function this way because it is usually part of an executive branch but operates independently of the White House. A senior White House official told reporters in various media on Monday night that Westwing had no prior notice of the attack.

"We were not notified of the reported actions. We will refer to the Department of Justice for additional information," one of these officials told theIndependent. ..

Parliamentary Democrats

Parliamentary Democrats, like Joe Biden, know before the attack occurs It wasn't done. Senate leader Chuck Schumer has confirmed as much to various media outlets. House's top Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, told MSNBC'sMorning Joeon Tuesday that he knew about the attack when the news alert "blinked on my phone."

Congressional Republicans

Like rivals, Republicans were caught flatfoot on Monday and news. A handful of people warned that such actions would require close attention and would retain their judgment, with the majority pulling their guns, firing at the Justice Department, politicized by the Democratic Party and weapons. Blowed it up as if it had been turned into.

One of the clearest examples of Republican discord was from the leader. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy warned Merrick Garland by name to prepare for a Republican-controlled parliament-led parliamentary investigation, but Trump's rival Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said. I didn't comment at all on Monday.