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The ‘real reasons’ Eamonn Holmes hates Phillip Schofield, from their pay to his behaviour on set


THE alleged real reasons why Eamonn Holmes hates Phillip Schofield, from their pay to his behaviour on set, has been revealed.

TV presenter Eamonn, 63, has repeatedly dug out Schofield, 61, in the recent weeks following the scandal.

Slamming his former This Morning colleague as a liar, Eamonn hasn't shied away from telling the world how he feels about the ex-presenter and the rocky relationship they shared.

For years, Eamonn shared the sofa on Fridays with wife Ruth Langsford while Schofield and Holly Willoughby presented Monday to Thursday.

An insider has now revealed the drastic pay gap between the two men caused a rift as Eamonn was the "only proper jouranlist" on This Morning.

They also claimed that it highlighted the closeness between the show's editor Martin Frizell - who has been accused of knowing of the affair - and Schofield.

Speaking to the MailOnline, the insider said: "It was unjust that Schofield was not only above him in the hierarchy, but paid so much more than him.

"Eamonn was said to be on around £150,000 a year for his one-day-a-week presenting role, while Holly and Phil were on more than £700,000 for their four days."

The source added Schofield and Holly "had the red carpet treatment" and were "seen as stars" leaving Eamonn irritated.

They added: "Eamonn couldn’t see how someone like him, a proper journalist, would come beneath the bloke who was in the broom cupboard with Gordon The Gopher."

Schofield and editor Martin's "dismissive" behaviour towards Eamonn and Ruth saw the couple referred to as the "B team", it is claimed.

Sources close to the pair said Schofield's "snippy and passive-aggressive" behaviour was felt by the majority of people on the show.

They said: "[Eamonn] thought he treated the lower-down people on the show very badly. 

"He says that [Phillip and Holly] were rude, cold and poisonous towards him which he still cannot understand.

"Eamonn’s view is Holly and Phil always thought they were way above the audience, and way above Eamonn and Ruth — and they were wrong on both counts."

And in October 2020, Schofield's biography was released, misspelling Eamonn's name throughout.

The feud became public after Schofield was forced out the doors of the iconic ITV show last month after revealing he had been having an affair with a much younger colleague.

Schofield's brother Tim was outed a paedo just weeks before the presenter admitted to years of "deceit".

And as his career took a dramatic skydive, former co-host Holly Willoughby, 42, and ITV have since branded Schofield a liar.

Eamonn previously branded Schofield a "hated narcissist" in a merciless take down.

And he even blasted Schofield for bringing "toxicity" to the ITV show and claimed staff were "frightened" of him.

Dan Wootton, former showbiz presenter on ITV's Lorraine, also revealed he "had spoken to eight household name ITV stars who were raising concerns about Phillip's 'toxic' behaviour" back in 2019.