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Thierry Henry leaves Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards speechless in Erling Haaland chat

Thierry Henry left Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards dumbfounded during a debate involving Erling Haaland and Robert Lewandowski.

The Arsenal legend was comparing the two strikers when he suddenly declared that he wouldn't have signed for Bolton Wanderers during his career. Henry was attempting to explain how different players suit different systems and despite scoring less goals, it can be argued that Lewandowski's ability to drive Barcelona up the table has been just as important as Haaland's sensational start to life as a Manchester City player.

Richards then asked his fellow pundit whether Haaland would be having the same success as Lewandowski at the Camp Nou, prompting a random response from Henry.

"I don't know, it's a different ball game," the Frenchman began on CBS Sports. "Like I always say, you need to cast the right actor for the right movie. What Haaland is doing, that's the perfect actor for that team. Sometimes you play in another team - I wouldn't have played for Bolton, are you mad?!"

Carragher and Richards were left speechless by the Henry's comparison, with the latter instinctively replying: "Wow!" The former Barcelona forward then furthered his point, adding: "That's what I'm saying, if you were to play long ball under Sam Allardyce, I would have left at half-time."

As the debate continued, Henry wasn't for willing to give up his argument for Lewandowski, who has an impressive 12 goals this season to Haaland's whopping 17.

Lewandowski joined Barcelona this summer and has instantly improved his new team

Delving into the details of the prolific Pole's impact, which he believes rivals the influence of City's new star, he affirmed: "Nobody is saying that Haaland is not doing well and the impact is not great. I'm saying that Lewandowski has as big an impact as what Haaland is doing.

"If you argue the fact that Man City - were they top of the league last year? Were they competing? Were Barca top of the league? No they were not. I'm not always talking about the goals or what you do. Some types of players have an impact on what he does and what he brings.

Haaland has already scored three hat-tricks in eight Premier League games (



"For example Gabriel Jesus [at Arsenal], you can see what he's bringing to the team, that winning mentality. Not a lot of guys won in that team at Barcelona. You have a couple of the old guard that did it, but not a lot of the guys did it.

"What Lewandowski is bringing on top of the goals is also how everyone is playing around him. You can see how they speak when he's there, but nobody is disputing what Haaland is doing. What Haaland is doing is stupid - in a good way."