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'This is a gift to Trump': Republicans plan to weaponize FBI's Mar-a-Lago investigation in midterms

Twasoutside Donald Trump's Mar Arago mansion with lots of lights flashing.

After the FBI raided the house and seized documents, 20 of the former president's fans flooded the property to express support, and police vehicles were placed in strategic locations. rice field.

Those who welcomed the raid and hoped the Department of Justice (DOJ) would step up pressure on Trump amid several investigations into his Jan. 6 events flash. You may have thought the lights were the cause of the celebration.

But as America and the world watched with open mouths as another twist in the story of Donald J. Trump unfolded, he, his family, and senior Republican officials A convenient and timely means of attacking Joe Biden and the Democrats in a flashing light.

No one has described what happened more dramatically than Trump himself.

"Nothing like this has ever happened to the President of the United States. After working with the relevant government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was necessary. "It wasn't even appropriate," he argued.

The Trump theme was echoed by Ronna McDaniel, who as chairman of the Republican Party would go on to have a major impact on the party's campaign for the midterm elections.

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely. There are countless examples of Democrats ignoring the law and abusing power recklessly, including Hunter Biden," she tweeted. 25}

"Democrats are constantly weaponizing the bureaucracy against Republicans. This raid is outrageous." He echoed, claiming on Fox News: They raise money with it, send fundraising emails about it, and brag about it on camera. They track him down and summon him.

There are many unknowns about his FBI raid on Trump's property south of his beach on Palm, the location of the "Winter White House." Where has he been for the better part of the last 18 months since he left the capital as president?

Donald Trump: Aerial footage shows FBI

It is unclear how many agents carried out the raids – Trump supporters claim there were 100 – and the raids have gone missing. It is believed to have been conducted as part of an investigation into unknown documents, particularly classified documents, but it is unknown what material was recovered.

It remains unknown who authorized the order to proceed with the raid. A Florida District Court Judge approved a search warrant sought by FBI agents — an agency now headed by Trump-appointed Christopher Wray — but how it went high up within the Justice Department and how Biden What knowledge Mr. had prior to what was planned is not yet known.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) did not respond to inquiries on Tuesday. According to the Associated Press, DOJ spokesperson Dena Iverson declined to comment on the investigation and did not confirm whether Attorney General Merrick Garland gave his approval.

What we do know is that Trump supporters have seized on the issue and have vowed to put pressure on both Biden and Garland if they win control of the House of Representatives in November.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy wants to take over Nancy Pelosi's job, and Republicans have vowed to set up their own hearings. We've seen enough: The Justice Department has reached an intolerable state of weaponized politicization," McCarthy said. "When Republicans take back the House, we will immediately monitor this department, follow the facts, and do whatever it takes. Attorney General Garland, keep your papers and clear your calendars."

This message was picked up by Trump supporters in the media. They linked the raids to provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act to hire an additional 87,000 officials at the Internal Revenue Service. A backlog of outstanding returns.

Fox In her news, the station's Harris Faulkner told viewers she thought the raid "inspired her in a different way."

The Biden administration declined to say whether Attorney General Merrick Garland authorized the search

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Her colleague Carly Simkus said an FBI raid led to Trump's announcement of a presidential run ahead of the November midterm elections. and noted that Eric Trump has been more outspoken on the issue than before.

"Frankly, I hope – and I First time saying this – I hope he beats them again because honestly this country can't live through this nonsense," said Eric Trump.Sean Hannity has spent much of the past decade supporting Trump and denouncing Democrats from his seat on Fox News.

Former police chief Lauren Culp, who gained Trump's endorsement to challenge a Republican congressman in Washington, told The Independent. They might try to discredit him and charge him with some crime to keep him from running again.

"This is a disgrace to our country and the rule of law," added Culp, who failed to oust Dan Newhouse in Washington's 4th congressional district.

Matt Mackowiak, a Republican strategist with a focus on Texas, said more information about the raids needed to be made public, and that the FBI would be forced to take full action if it did damage to the former president. He said he needed information obtained before the assessment was made.

But as it stands, the raid is "politically a gift to Trump," he said.

"It just sets his base on fire and makes him have another argument, making him more likely to run," he added.

Former US President Donald Trump says FBI agents raided his Mar-a-Lago Palm Beach home in New Bedminster Later, a Trump supporter protests near the Trump National Golf Club. Jersey


He argued that many Republicans will hold out until after the midterm elections because the party has good reasons. He said he may want to delay announcing his next run.

The raid may have provided a cover for Trump to move on.

"I think for a lot of people this is pretty outrageous. Unless you really hate Trump, this is pretty outrageous," he said.

The White House has tried to keep the president out of the case, insisting that the raids were never political. Biden made no mention of it when he appeared before reporters on Tuesday. Do – Democrats finally started thinking they had something to campaign for when they appealed to voters in November. Reid threw mud into the water.

Mike Frioli, a veteran Democratic strategist based in Washington, DC, said Republicans complained about the raids for no good reason.

"What Republicans are doing, what Kevin McCarthy and others are doing, is an act," he said. "They're trying to make Trump feel better, but it's all an act." I am a serious and substantive individual and would not proceed with such a thing without good reason."

He added: "Because if he moves on and it turns out to be no big deal, his reputation will be damaged. As the type of person whose reputation will be damaged, I can't believe he impresses people."

Later in the day, White House spokesperson Carine Jean-Pierre claimed that neither Biden nor his aides had been informed of the raid.

She was then asked if the president was concerned about the potential negative image created internationally by the raid on the former president.

“I have heard the President say that the Department of Justice conducts its own investigations and that law enforcement matters are left to the Department of Justice. It's not appropriate," she added.

"I will not comment on this today," said Jean-Pierre. "This will go to the Department of Justice and I will refer you there."