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Female orgasms in three different ways, including what is called a volcano

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A woman reaches orgasm in three different ways, culminating in a rare eruption called a volcano. reach, says the scientist.

An expert smart sex her toy to monitor the shaking pelvic floor during thefemale climax.

The mostcommon orgasmwas the "wave", in which women rode a series of delightful ebbs and flows.

More powerful "avalanches", large contraction torrents that decay gradually, were less frequent.

Most unusual is the "Volcano" Krakatoa, famously forged by Meg her Ryan in her 1989 romantic comedy "When Harry Met Sally" It was a moment.

Professor James Pfaus of Charles University in Prague said the name explains "how pelvic floor movements manifest themselves during the build-up and release of tension during orgasm."

Approximately 54 women in the study used Bluetooth-connected vibrators. This vibrator is called Lioness, which provides instant orgasmic feedback

. to climax.

He told his Journal of Sexual Medicine:

"Feeling more personal control can help people reach orgasm."