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Tony Blair says voters must be told "what workers represent" before the "British Future" festival

Tony BlairwarnedKeir Starmer. New political thought.

The British Future Conference was frowned upon by the advent of the formerconservativeCabinet Minister, but does not boast of senior Labor Party executives.

Sir Tony denies that he "gave up on labor" and has called the party leader "since the disastrous election defeat in 2019 under Jeremy Corbyn. "Great progress" was praised.

However, he pointed out three major challenges and urged Sir Kiel to consider "the ideas we are advocating." Technological revolution, efforts to "net zero", damage caused byBrexit.

"If Labor gets stuck with that type of idea, it can seal the deal with the British people," said the three-time election winnerBBC Radio 4 {22. }.

He added: If we want to win, it will be based on people completely clarifying what labor is and what it means.

Peter Mandelsontold theSpectatormagazine: He needs to define himself before his opponent does it for him.

Sir Tony stated that Labor leaders have promised new policy ideas "later this year" after confirming that Sir Kiel broke the fateful 2019 manifesto. rice field.

"In a sense, this conference means that the ideas we are proposing are available to everyone," he said.

He argued that the next election was "as much about the Labor Party as the conservatives," he added.

"But before they make that change, they need to confirm the workforce," Sir Kiel added, "it can do it perfectly."

Former Labor leaders said they had been contacted by people trying to start a new party in the past, but said, "I was not involved in the creation of the new party. Insisted.