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‘Toxic' neighbour getting over bad breakup wreaks havoc with unbearable noise

A woman says she's unsure exactly what to do about her "toxic" neighbour, who has taken to blasting dubstep music all night long following a bad breakup. Now he's treated himself to a drum set, and she feels as though she's reached the end of her tether.

According to this fed-up woman, her neighbour's ex-girlfriend lived with him before the breakup, and the now former couple had taken issue with her and her partner putting up a curtain rod, banging on the wall loudly to make their feelings known.

This is despite the fact that they weren't drilling for long, and had also made sure to drill before 9pm - the time when the apartment building rules specify that noise should be kept to a minimum.

Things took a turn when he bought himself a drum set (


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The woman and her partner only moved in back in March, and had to put up with the sounds of the couple "screaming" at each other all through March, April and most of May.

They could even hear things being knocked over, as well as the couple's pet chihuahua "going crazy". Things got even worse when the girlfriend finally moved out, taking the frantic dog with her.

Taking to Reddit, the unnamed woman recalled: "The guy, newly single, of course, starts going into bachelor pad mode, playing the same dubstep song over and over for hours on end while gaming with his buddies.

"One night, at 1 am, he had been playing this music since at least 7 pm. My partner and I both had to get up early the next day, so we went over and knocked on the door.

"He couldn't hear the knocking, so we had to time the knock with the silence at the end of the song. He apologised and turned off the music, and we finally fell asleep."

Reaching out to fellow Reddit users for advice, she continued: "A few days later, he's bought a drum set. I'm just about to lose my mind over this. So, what is the next step?

"I'm very bad at confronting people, so I'm considering a letter. If he doesn't do anything, should I contact my landlord?"

One sympathetic person commented: "Contact the landlord. I don't know how big the apartment building is, but if he has more than one neighbour, you won’t be the only unhappy person. Drums are SO loud."

Another advised: "Have a chat and say the walls are really thin and you can hear really clearly the noise from his apartment. Be cool about it and say you're all good for certain times of day but you need some quiet at these times please."

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