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Travelers force students to close the school with students returning home after pitching up and firing just outside the gate

Travelers forced the school to get students home early when they raised the pitch at the entrance. The

group parked a caravan just outside the gate and set off a fire at the campground. There are also several gas cylinders and barbecues outside Lambern High School in Newport

. Travelersand caravan of

arrived directly outside on Tuesday and were there this morning as well.

However, the students were able to enter school every day.

One of the staff told The Sun: “Our priority is student safety. We have created a patch around it.”

The Newport City Council is working with the school to keep in touch with the Gent police on their actions.

A school spokesman said:

"The camp is currently on fire, so in agreement with the Governor's chair, students are instructed to take this opportunity to depart across the SDR bridge via the rear of the school.

"To keep up with students coming home, they are allowed to leave a little earlier than usual.

" Students on the bus will continue to pass. Yes, the students being collected can depart via the reception. "

A city council spokesman said:

"The Council has signed the Gwent Police and four other councils and the Gwent Regional Protocol for the management of unauthorized gypsies and tourist camps.

"According to the Protocol, our officers are currently in contact with the Nguyen Police on this camp.

" The Council also provides secure access to school grounds for students and staff. So, we are working with the school. "

Yesterday, Sun said that thecommunity was suffering fromsleep after 30 caravans were parked at the local cricket ground. Told.

Residents felt threatened and called the group shameful, but travelers counterattacked and blamed public racial discrimination for fear of the community.

An elderly woman, who lives within 50 meters of a park in Waterlooville, Hampshire, said she could hardly sleep because of her worries.

A young dad who visited the park with a two-year-old child said: That is why.

However, four fathers, James McDonald, 40, who are staying in the park, said, "We are not causing confusion here. People understand the culture. Not -That's basically it.

"They seem to be well educated, but they don't seem to hear."