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Trump News - Live: White House denies prior information on FBI raid, reports say Fed seized 10 boxes of papers

Trump supporters gather outside Maralago following news of the FBI attack

Donald TrumpisThe FBIattacked his property in Florida'sMaragoon a fundraising opportunity, sent a text message to supporters asking for donations, sent an email, and "radical left". Asked to fight.

It was Mr. Trump himself who revealed that the FBI agent had executed the investigation order at home, and his residence was "currently besieged and attacked, and the FBI agent's large scale. It is occupied by the group. "

Republicanresponds to the search for the former president's residence by House minority leaderKevin McCarthyinvestigating the FBI when the party regains the chamber of commerce It ranged from what I promised to do. , RepublicanMarjorie Taylor Greenecalled for bureau reimbursement, RepublicanJim Jordancomplained about "absolute silence" from Republican Senate leadership .. Mitch McConnellhas not yet commented and is visiting a flood-damaged area in Southeastern Kentucky.

A delegation of House GOP members will dine with Mr. Trump at a golf club in Bedminster, NJ tonight.

Meanwhile, theWhite House, in which President Joe Biden was not informed in advance of the search for his predecessor's house, and further referred his questions to the Justice Department. It states.


Analysis: How Republicans Plan to Weapon the FBI's Mar-a-Lago Attack in the Medium Term

Andrew Bancom writes:

People who welcomed the attack and wanted to meet the Justice Department Increasing pressure on Trump in some investigations into his January 6 incident. May have thought that the flashing lights were the cause of the celebration.

Still, as America and the world open their mouths and watch over another twist in Donald Trump's story, he, he. Family, and Republicans, saw in these flashing lights a convenient and timely means of attacking Joe Biden and Democrats.

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Not clear about the Florida raid there are a lot of. However, we know that the Republicans will try to take advantage of it, Andrew Bancom writes

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Senate GOP Whip Requests FBI Response

Republican Senator John Thune commented on Mar-a-Lago's attack on the FBI:

"The FBI needs to provide an answer as to why they attacked the home of a former US president. Full transparency dispels Americans' worst suspicions about government agency motives.

"Like all other Americans, I'm waiting for their timely explanation. Delay is not an option."


Trump the riot ally

Former Republican PresidentDonald Trumpis angry that theFBIhas executed an investigation order at his former president'sPalm Beach,Floridahome. Reacted. As part of a criminal investigation into whether he illegally mishandled government records, including highly classified documents.

A search for Mr. Trump's residence in a Palm Beach mansion known as Mar-a-Lago is part of a long-standing Judiciary investigation, according to sources familiar with the investigation. was. When Mr. Trump resigned in January 2021, he had documents that had to be returned to the National Archives and Records Administration.

IndependentAndrew Feinberg Review what we know so far and the reaction from Trump supporters.

'Do not use search warrants unless you think there is a risk of people going. Federal Prosecutor is independent


Trump lawyer FBI "plant information" And "artificial"

Donald Trump's lawyer Christina Bob suggests that the FBI may have planted something in Mar-a-Lago. However, after that, the station does not care and simply proposes to "make things".


Voice: Mar-a-Lago's assault is the best ever What happened to the Republicans

Noah Berlatsky asks if the apparent anger in Mar-a-Lago's FBI investigation actually performs better.

Many of the people who rushed to defend Trump are 2024 Republican-nominated rivals. Others have blamed him in the past and have good reason to look down on him. All of them need to know that Trump is a reckless narcissist and a threat to the party in multiple ways. Indeed, many Republicans want Trump to stay out of the way. They just don't want to fingerprint the knife.

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GOP's resentful members yell By 2024, drive away Trump to see how resentful they really are. They were just handed a great opportunity


GOP Senator FBI Requests to "regenerate" the search

Republican SenatorTim ScottSouth Carolina, potential presidential candidate in 2024, he Said that the country believes that the investigation of former PresidentDonald Trumpof theFBIneeds to be "performed to see what happens".

Scott appeared in the programCBS Morningsto promote his new bookAmerica, ARedemption Story. But, as expected, the first part of the conversation on Tuesday morning was dominated by news that the FBI searched for Mr. Trump'sMaragohome on Monday.

Who is Tim Scott, South Carolina, a potential presidential candidate in 2024? Thighs say they should be "shocked". By the attack


Roger Stone talks about the Trump attack

Political activist and Trump ally Roger Stone spoke to theDaily Mailon Monday night about the assault on Marago.

"I directly know the breach that President Trump must feel tonight," he said. "Just as Mueller's prosecutor contacted my lawyer and I was able to voluntarily withdraw, they [instead] had 29 heavily armed FBI agents 6 am Sometimes he towed the CNN and attacked my house.

"Now they file a lawsuit to obtain confidential documents that he claims to have. Instead, he chose to take advantage of the optics and drama of the assault on the former US president's house. "

Stone said Trump's lawyer was the president. He states that he believes he was "actively negotiating with the National Archives" about the documents that the former president brought to Florida at the end of his post.

"The lawyer who handles these negotiations, Boris Epstein, is an incompetent Bahoon, and his mishandling of those negotiations led to this attack," he said. Said.

"Which document is anxious to ensure that they are in control so they never see the light of day? UFO. Kennedy Assassination Russian collusion hoax rant. "

" Why does Hillary Clinton use bleaching agents to destroy hard drives containing confidential documents? But He will not attack her home to sue her. "He added.

Mr Stone said he believed from a political point of view. Such brute force tactics are terribly backfired by voters.

"Many people are particularly concerned and resentful of President Trump, so he tells me it's time to clean the house," he concludes. ..


Trump raids are said to be "infuriating the country" and "coup" Distraught Fox News

The pair were on Monday night at Waters' showJesse Waters Prime Timeas news of the FBI's assault was reported via a statement from the former president. I commented on. In his remarks, Mr. Trump claimed that his residence was "occupied" by FBI agents.

Jesse Waters and his guest Back Sexton at Mar-a-Lago Recent FBI investigations endeavor to thwart Trump's 2024 bid


McConnell refuses to answer questions about Trump's assault

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell says the FBI has made Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence Refused to answer questions about what he searched for.

He claimed to be answering only the questions about the flood damage in Kentucky that he is spending on tour today.


Dumbongino drops to the FBI after the Trump attack

Conservative Political commentatorDumbonginotrusts formerlaw enforcement colleaguesafterFBIattacked former presidentDonald TrumpSeems to have lost. Marago's residence.

Mr. Bongino, 47, has a long career in law enforcement. Born in Queens, he was a member of the New York Police Department in the late 1990s and was an investigator for theSecret Service, which ended in 2011. But after the FBI yesterday, he remained angry. He executed an investigation warrant at Mr. Trump's home.

Former Secret Service Agent added to howling anger from Trump supporters over the FBI investigation