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Trump speech – live: Trump rallies in Michigan as most voters say no to 2024 run for ex-president

Former US president Donald Trump claims he can declassify top secret documents just ‘by thinking about it’

Donald Trump heads to Michigan, a state that spurned him in 2020 after he saw a surprise victory there four years earlier, on Saturday.

He’s in the state for a rally in Warren where he hopes to bump the candidacy of Tudor Dixon, his chosen acolyte in the race to unseat incumbent Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The president is eager to have a supporter of his bogus conspiracies about his 2020 defeat in the governor’s mansion should he make another bid for the White House in 2024.

Polls show Ms Dixon badly trailing the governor, who was the intended victim of a shocking kidnapping plot foiled by the FBI in 2020. The most recent poll of the race, from the GOP-aligned Trafalgar Group, showed Ms Dixon down by six points.

In Mr Trump’s other legal news, it was just revealed that he hoarded some 200,000 pages of federal documents at his Palm Beach home. The new court filing was to argue that an early October deadline for scanning and reviewing the documents is unrealistic because they cannot be processed quickly enough. There are reports that Mr Trump is ignoring some of the legal advice he is receiving over the matter.


MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is in attendance

One of the very few people still pursuing Donald Trump’s false campaign to overturn the 2020 election is Mike Lindell — the pillow-vendor-turned-activist who is one of Mr Trump’s most vocal supporters.

Mr Lindell was a part of Right Side Broadcasting’s pre-rally coverage, and discussed those conspiracies while alluding to how important the Michigan governor’s election would be for future efforts to contest election results that do not turn out in favour of the GOP.

The MyPillow CEO has attended most of Mr Trump’s recent rallies around the country, including his recent appearance in Youngstown, Ohio.


Donald Trump’s rally in Warren, Michigan is beginning

Hundreds of Donald Trump’s fans are pouring in to the Macomb County Community College Sports & Expo Center as the ex-president’s rally is set to get underway shortly.

The ex-president is in town to stump for Tudor Dixon, the Republican running for governor. Donald Trump is eager to have a supporter of his bogus conspiracies about his 2020 defeat in the governor’s mansion should he make another bid for the White House in 2024.


Mar-a-Lago papers: Trump reportedly ignoring advice from lawyer he paid $3m retainer

Weeks after paying a respected Florida defence attorney a $3m retainer to represent him in dealings with the Department of Justice following the 8 August search of his home, former president Donald Trump is reportedly ignoring the attorney’s advice in favour of tactics that are far more combative but place him at greater legal risk.

According to The Washington Post, Mr Trump has largely sidelined ex-Florida solicitor general Chris Kise because the veteran litigator has counseled him to “turn down the temperature” with the Justice Department.

Andrew Feinberg has the latest.

According to The Washington Post, Mr Trump has largely sidelined ex-Florida solicitor general Chris Kise because the veteran litigator has counseled him to ‘turn down the temperature’ with the Justice Department.


Most voters want Trump blocked from 2024 run, poll finds

A new poll shows that the majority of Americans do not believe Donald Trump should be allowed to serve as president again given “what we know about the ongoing investigations” into him.

The Yahoo News/YouGov poll of 1,566 registered voters found that 51 per cent are against the former president running again in 2024.

Bump in Republican support after Mar-a-Lago search also dissipating


Senior Republicans evasive on Biden impeachment demand floated by Trump allies

Calls from Marjorie Taylor Greene and other Trump loyalists in the Republican House caucus to pass an article of impeachment against Joe Biden are growing louder — but aren’t echoing in the halls of leadership just yet.

John Bowden explains why.

Growing noise on far-right has yet to find open endorsement from party elite


Maggie Haberman says Trump tried to have her phone records seized

New York Times writer Maggie Haberman says in her new book about Donald Trump that the former president tried to have officials seize her phone in order to identify her sources for stories about the administration.

Writing in Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America, Ms Haberman says that the then-president was angry about leaks within the White House.

Haberman has unprecedented access to Trump throughout his presidency and since


Despite cheating allegations, Trump embraces ‘best golfer’ title

Donald Trump has presented himself as the “greatest” golfer among all United States presidents in history despite previous claims he cheated by kicked golf balls so blatantly he was nicknamed Pele, a reference to the Brazilian football icon.

Gino Spocchia has the story.

Former president ‘kicked balls into the fairway’ like Brazilian football icon, book claimed


After Trump accuses her of lying, Maggie Haberman fires back with photo of her book notes

The former president accused her of telling made-up stories and not fact-checking, while calling her a “creep” and misspelling her name.

Read more:

Haberman’s book ‘Confidence Man’ is released soon


Trump to avoid saying in court if he thinks FBI planted documents

The Florida federal judge who has repeatedly intervened in the FBI’s investigation of Donald Trump’s hoarding of government-owned documents after his term ended in 2021 has once again stepped in to assist the ex-president’s efforts to delay review of documents seized during the 8 August search of his Florida residence.

Judge Aileen Cannon on Thursday rejected a case management plan put forth by Judge Raymond Dearie, the New York jurist who she appointed as a special master to review the more than 10,000 documents taken from Mr Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property to determine whether any should be shielded from the government under attorney-client or executive privilege.

Andrew Feinberg reports on the latest in the ongoing legal saga over the federal documents taken by the former president.

Florida federal judge has repeatedly intervened in FBI investigation of Trump documents


Don Jr shares meme accusing Greta Thunberg of Nord Stream sabotage

Donald Trump Jr shared a meme accusing Greta Thunberg of being behind the Nord Stream pipeline explosions, echoing a conspiracy theory that has been picked up in conservative circles in the last week since the natural gas lines erupted.

The meme, which shows the young climate activist photoshopped in front of Nord Stream with explosives strapped around one of the pipelines, was shared by the former president’s son on Truth Social on Thursday night.

Former president’s son joins conservatives pushing conspiracy theories about the unexplained Nord Stream pipeline explosions