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Truss accused of 'cheesy' shots after refusing to challenge media over Boris Johnson's downfall

Liz Truss said the The crowd responded on her behalf to the downfall of Boris Johnson,who she thought was to blame.

Some of the audience at the 2019 Tory swings in Darlington yelled, "Media!" This echoes popular accusations by the outgoing prime minister's supporters that news reports of his misconduct during the pandemic unfairly led to his resignation.

Ms. Truss, smiling at the crowd's reaction, turned to the event's host, Talk TV's Tom Newton Dunn, saying:

The crowd applauded and her fifth meeting with voters in the ongoing Conservative leadership election took place.

Ms Truss, the frontrunner to become Britain's next prime minister, leaned over Mr Newton Dunne as she left the stage at the end of the husting.

He replied: "It's cheap, you know."

Truss addresses the Darlington crowd


Early in the brawl, Ms. Truss accused Mr. NewtonDunn, the former political editor of The Sun, asked in a "leftist way." talking about what you did.

The moderator began the question by comparing the hundreds of pounds that workers could save from Ms Truss' tax cut pledges to the thousands of extra costs they would have to pay for electricity next year. I was.

``Tom, you frame it in a left-wing way. She appeared irritated by her description of the tax savings as a "gift"..

The foreign minister said that analysis showed that she could only reduce the wages of nurses and teachers. He opposed the proposed policy of saving money by cutting the wages of civil servants after finding that he could achieve the amount of savings he predicted.

At Tuesday's rally, Mr Truss also said he did not believe Mr Johnson misled Congress by knowing about the Downing Street party.

Sunak Takes Stage at Fifth Leadership Conference


Former Downing Street staffare said to be preparing evidence to the contrary to present to a parliamentary committee investigating the prime minister.

Ms. Truss followed the leader's rival, Rishi, her snack at the meetinghouse. The former prime minister came under pressure when asked about the dictum "he who wields the dagger never inherits the crown" in relation to the impact Johnson's resignation had on Mr Johnson's prime minister. 60}

Sunak's supporters booed the question, although the former prime minister denied "wielding a dagger."

A hand-raise poll at the start and end of Hastings found that about a third of the audience decided who they would vote for in his race for leadership, based on the evening's debate. was suggested. Initially undecided, the final undecided percentage is only 10-15%.