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Urgent Just Eat warning after Gregg's customer charged £249 for sausage and bean melt

A hungry Brit who ordered a Gregg's sausage, beans and cheese melt was charged a staggering £249.

Liam Halewood treats himself to a pastry on his Just Eat app and happily walks in, only to be shocked to see his bill.

His order total - Greggs Melts, a bag of potato chips, 4 cookies and a hot sandwich deal - brought him £11.80.

Liam, 36, expected to pay £3 more for delivery and services, but instead he was charged £261.39. The

singer,boy George impersonator shared the receipt onTwitter urging others to check their bank accounts as well.

Addressing Just Eat ambassadors Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg, the two of them each gave him £5 million in his 60-second ad for the brand. Reportedly earned, he said:

"Just Eat charged me £249 for delivery.

"Just kidding, maybe I can get my money back, but will my order fly?"

Liam from Allerton, Liverpoolgot his exorbitant commission refunded and £25 off his next order.

However, he warns others to make sure the correct amount is taken with each purchase. He told: I check things when I pay by card over the internet or over the phone.

he later joked on Facebook.

Liam also offered to buy with his credit anyone "in need of a good meal and feeling pinched."

Just Eat spokesperson said He told The Sun: “We are aware that yesterday there was an issue with our platform that temporarily impacted the pricing of delivery orders for a small percentage of customers.

“This issue is now fully resolved. It has been resolved and all affected customers have been fully refunded."

What to do if you believe you have been overcharged

If you purchase something and check your bank account and notice that the amount is different, you may be entitled to a refund.

In some cases the refund will be automatic, but in other cases you will need to contact the platform you purchased it from.

In this case Liam had to go through Just Eat instead of Greggs as Just Eat received the payment.

If that doesn't help, you can also contact your bank or try the Citizens Advice consumer helpline.