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Victim of Met Police rapist David Carrick says he released snakes to terrify her

The first victim of Met Police rapist David Carrick to publicly reveal her identity has called for him to be sentenced for decades after he admitted dozens of terrifying attacks on women.

Darciane Nunes Da Silva has chosen to waive her anonymity to encourage other victims, whom she is convinced are out there, to come forward. Armed cop Carrick, 48, is now one of the country's worst known sex offenders after he pleaded guilty to 48 rapes on 12 women, including 43-year-old Darciane, over the course of two decades.

The Mirror reports that she hopes he gets "40 years in jail" to make up for the hurt and terror he inflicted on his victims. Among the vicious attacks he carried out on Darciane, Carrick: strangled and slapped her; controlled what she ate, when she slept and when she could use her phone; spied on her with hidden cameras; and punished her for "disobedience", including releasing his pet snakes to terrify her.

Speaking ahead of the two-day sentencing hearing at London's Southwark crown court, starting on Monday, Darciane said: "I would like him to get 40 years in jail. I think that would be fair because I know some of his victims lost 20 years because of what he did.

"He needs to be punished. I don't believe he can ever change and I worry that if he gets out he will hurt someone else. But I hope by then he will be so old he won't be able to."

Some of Carrick's other victims have spoken out anonymously, but Darciane is the first to go public with her own identity. She hopes her bravery will inspire others who may have been a victim of Carrick's disgusting attacks to report them.

David Carrick will be sentenced next week
David Carrick will be sentenced next week

She continued: "I'm speaking out now because I want everyone to know what he did to me. He tried to destroy me as a woman. I have been suicidal and tried to kill myself three times by overdosing on pills because of what he did."

Darciane left Brazil three years ago before arriving in Britain on a tourist visa and moving in with her sister in Harpenden, near Luton. She met Carrick on online dating website Badoo and swapped messages before meeting him at a pub in London's St Pancras station for a date.

She said she was initially taken in by him as he fed her lies including a claim that he could speak Portuguese. But after about two months, he became aggressive, violent and controlling.

Shedding tears as she recalled his monstrous behaviour, Darciane said: "I became very afraid of him and his behaviour. I was only able to eat at the times he wanted me to eat. He would tell me I was fat and ugly and I needed to lose weight. I couldn't eat certain foods like eggs, which he said were disgusting.

"He also ordered when I needed to sleep and would force me to go bed very early, sometimes at 5pm or 6pm. I would fake falling asleep and I started to realise that once he thought I was asleep he was watching porn videos on his phone and texting other girls.

"He was a sex addict and tried to get me to watch the videos but I refused. They were violent and aggressive. I remember one showed a woman tied up in ropes. He wanted to recreate what he was watching."

Darciane Nunes de Silva with David Carrick in June 2020
Darciane Nunes de Silva with David Carrick in June 2020

Darciane also revealed Carrick, a firearms officer who served with the parliamentary and diplomatic protection command, forced her to let him use handcuffs and sex toys on her. She said he wanted to "dominate" her, and spoke of wanting her to be a "masochist".

She continued: "When I was yelling and crying during sex he was happy. He was enjoying himself. The more I was upset and afraid, the more content he was, and after a while the sex was constantly aggressive. He regularly told me, 'You are my property and I will do whatever I want with you. You are my sex slave'. Every time I tried to defy him he would punish me.

"He had two personalities - one very good and one very bad. When it was good we would do things like go to the pub, go hiking, go out on bicycles. But we only did those things as compensation after something bad."

Darciane added: "He knew how to manipulate me. He was always threatening me and telling me, 'I'm a policeman and I'm going to deport you if you don't do what I want'. He would send me pictures of himself in uniform.

"When Boris Johnson caught Covid he told me he was on duty on the ward in front of his hospital door and made a video call to me showing me he was inside the hospital. Twice as a punishment he released the snakes on our floor. I was on top of the sofa yelling and screaming."

Darciane finally left Carrick in July 2020 after a Spanish holiday in Barcelona which she described as five days of hell. In March 2021 she found the strength to report him to police. He warned her: "Be careful, I know where you live, I know your schedules."

In August 2021 she withdrew her complaint after allegedly getting no support from police. But a month later she reopened it again at the request of the police after they told her another victim had come forward. Darciane said: "Things changed then and they started listening to me."

She is now considering joining a legal action against the Met after the force admitted missing at least nine opportunities to stop Carrick, nicknamed 'Bastard Dave' by colleagues. Darciane added: "I would advise anyone who hasn't come forward yet to do so. It isn't easy, but be strong. I know how difficult it is. I still don't sleep very well, but I am happy that I came forward."

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