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Voice: I spent 24 hours with a rebellious Northern Tory lawmaker – this is what they told me

A few weeks ago, I met a man who claimed to be responsible for the famous Peter Mandelson guacamole slur. did.Tony Blair's favorite spin doctor,, mistaken the exotic avocado dip at the time forMushy peas during the campaign to be elected to Hartlepool's MP. It seems that.

My new acquaintance explained how he "accidentally" leaked the story to the local press-although it was widely organized-and amazed at the speed at which the story took hold. Was there. The King of Spins was fine and really spinning.

The Conservative activist in question remains unnamed, but I can give the place for this arrest allegation. I was in Doncaster and, as an observer, attended the first meeting of the Tories backbencher Northern Research Group (NRG).

The NRG, rallyed as a means of campaigning for the new "Red Wall" MP of the Conservative Party, adheres to the party's leadership and mission to upgrade the new center. I aim to keep it. Focused on retaining seats in the next election.

Like the gossip "friends", one of the most interesting things I found when chatting with these MPs was that they sounded far north of Baron Mandelson in Hartlepool and Foy. Except for, there were so many MPs. I've been at parties for a very long time. Many stood over and over again for the party of members who had never won, and were constantly annihilated by those chosen by the workers. Still they are back more.

The 2019 elections seemed like a hopeful victory over expectations when they and their colleagues swept the north. Even after two and a half years, they couldn't believe their ship had finally arrived.

And many were convinced that at least part of their election success was owed toBoris Johnson. 28} and his famous "charisma of all", they try to allow their election miracles to be sacrificed from blind loyalty to someone who was terribly failing the top job. It was very clear that it wasn't.

The atmosphere of the fringe conference was enthusiastic. The meeting was a few days after a vote of no confidenceand less than a week before the by-electionlast Thursday.The people on the red wall were indifferent when the Prime Minister did not appear, despite many briefings to give a speech in the afternoon.

Even the fact that Johnson met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kieu was not considered a sufficient excuse for not paying due respect to the North.

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If Johnson wants to regain their support –It's too late for some; but not all of these The vibrant MP of was a clear indication that we needed to start leveling up and delivering fast. They want a decent train line connecting the northern towns (always refraining from "how much they spent on the crossrail"), need infrastructure, and want a world-class vocational education system. .. This is what they think may save their election bacon, even taking into account the unpopularity of their leaders.

Providing the scale of change they were demanding-as set by Chairman Jakebury-peacetime, not to mention after a massive money-sucking pandemic Will be a large business. We are heading for a major tax cut recession. However, this is what I needed from number 10. Without it, a backbencher in the north of Johnson would drop him like a stone.

These red-walled MPs spent decades in political ambiguity fighting the defeat of the election after losing the election, but due to the collapse of Johnson's cult of personality. I just saw the final victory undermined. The prime minister needs to double his level up in order to seize the opportunity in the next confidence vote.