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Voice: R Kelly's imprisonment is not suitable for a man like him

On Wednesday, June 29, RapperR Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison., after being convicted of sexual trafficking and assaultlast year.

Breon Peace, a U.S. lawyer in eastern New York, said Kelly mercilessly ignored the devastation his crimes had given victims, despite facing his seven. He showed no regrets about his actions. " Hearing of the victims in court and the impact of his actions on them. When the abuse began, some of them were just children.

One victim, Giovante Cunningham – first met Kelly at the age of 14 and worked as his backing dancer – ,his abuse spanned 30 years. "30 years is what he got," he said. .. "When you are taught to be silent about what should be spoken quietly and openly, you find yourself hated, which often gives people the ability to manipulate you." She said outside the Brooklyn Federal Court in New York.

Another singer, identified only as Angela, was called the "Pide Piper" character and "grown evil" with each new victim. Another said, "I literally wanted me to die because of how you made me feel."

And the most impressive thing about this case is that you get sick. Not at all impressive.

How many times I sat down and heard a woman sobbing and told a tragic episode of trauma by the hands of an older, stronger man. I've seen them grin and repent in court many times. I've seen them react many times as if their trials were an opportunity to build their personal brand to play peacocks in front of old and new fans.

This story has been around for a long time. Men with fame and money are supposed to be able to and will prey on younger, more vulnerable victims, most often women. ConsiderHarvey Weinstein, who is currently sentenced to 23 years in prison for sexual assault. He is currently accused of vulgar assault on women in 1996 inLondon. We have others, too. ..

Some male celebrity cults are clearly very corrupt. Even at home, even in Westminster, where prominent politicians have been deceived,, you need to stamp. I will put it out.

Because it doesn't end with abuse. This behavior has a spillover effect that lasts for decades. Anyone who sees what such a man is doing, not just for the victims themselves, can escape for a long time – and I think they can do the same.

Steve K. Francis, Executive Associate Director of the National Security Survey (HSI), announced an out-of-court ruling onR Kelly, calling the singer "prolific continuous predation." I called him. Continued for the woman he preyed on.

"Robert Kelly uses his wealth and fame to prey on young people and the weak by hanging fame, luck, and stardom promises for his own sexual satisfaction. He is a prolific continuous predator. " "For nearly thirty years, Kelly and his accomplices have silenced victims by bribery, intimidation, blackmail, and physical violence, convinced they are unaffected by justice."

In other words, Kelly thought he could and would escape with it. And he was helped.

This is a really insidious part about a man like Kelly who is backed by a celebrity. They rarely work alone. They have "yes" men (and sometimes women) that surround them. A flock of disgusting psychophants who leave morality on the door and actively overlook the most vicious and tragic mistakes. They enable them because they are blinded (or engrossed or afraid) of the status of the person they are protecting. They encourage it – actively seek out victims and, in some cases, help hide them. Then try to prevent the victim from speaking or believing.

In the case of Kelly, it was a member of his aides – The jury, he used a group of managers and aides to meet thegirl and keep the girl obedient. I heard you used it for. Said the prosecutor.

A woman who testified in court explained how she approached and was threatened over the years by the singer's inner circle. Sonya (her surname is withheld to protect her identity)told theLos Angeles Timesafter the ruling: "She said," It happened at several different times. "Every time, she quickly left the person chatting and she said," I was off the grid for a few days. " ..

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We have seen the impact of promoting this type of abuse: just this weekGhislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's "Yes" The woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison after being convicted of trafficking a 14-year-old girl in December. She can undo the harm done to the victim's life. She is right However,people can stop helping or betting on men who do this. They can stop worshiping at the qualifications of men, the toxic altars of ego and celebrities. They can call it.

In Kelly's decision, Judge Ann Donnelly of the US District Court said that celebrities used sex as a weapon, causing victims to do nothing and get sexually transmitted diseases. She said the general public "must be protected from such behavior" and "these crimes were calculated, carefully planned and carried out regularly for almost 25 years. You tell them, I taught that love is slavery and violence. "

Thirty years in Kelly's prison is almost not enough. The women he abused are already suffering from life imprisonment for what he did. He deserves the same – maybe then he will feel some remorse.