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What Rangers critics said when Gio won a glass of red wine, Tillman and Lawrence praised, Suns ratings were mixed

European nights never get boring at Ibrox Stadium. Also, theRangersmoved one under Govan's floodlights with his 3-0 win over Union Sanjiroise. One step closer to the Champions League group stage. Giovanni van Bronckhorst will take on former Dutch teammate Ruud van Nistelrooy before crossing the North Sea back to his hometown where he will make his out in his shot against PSV Eindhoven and join the European elite. join.

Wright's blues were terrible when he suffered a 2-0 defeat in the first leg in Belgium, but in his comeback, James Stavernier's penalty, Antonio he headed Korac,Malik was brave in his Tillman goal. goals to seal the win in front of a raucous Rangers crowd.

Van Bronckhorst's former teammates Craig Moore and Neil McCann, both of whom have appeared on club TV shows, are another of Gers' former dressing room mates. His Kenny Miller worked for his BBC radio. Gel Richard Foster. Luckily, thanks to the intervention of his assistant, the referee realized his error in wielding a second yellow card.

Craig Moore

Rangers are going to get better, but it was a really professional job. They didn't limit the Union to much chances but would have liked to see the Rangers manage the game better towards the end. I know it's very important. The penalty just before halftime was huge. And when the game stalled a bit in the second half, it was great to see Korac score another goal. And it was a professional performance to score the winning goal of getting past the Rangers.New players will know what to expect from a football club. Expected to go out and win football matches, this was another important step. For a very young player, Tillman could have easily disappeared, but he stayed there and his goal was a nice jump. I don't know what their goalkeeper was doing, but it was great. This shows that Tillman is very mature. The most important thing at this stage is to participate in the next qualifying round. It was a great result.

Neil McCann

Neil McCann slaughtered Rangers after draw with Aberdeen

I don't think they were at their best. The team still has a lot of work to do, but the characters are still there. It took a lot of guts and guts to shave it off. It's good for newcomers like Korac and Tillman who came to Rangers and I feel like this was a big game and it made an impact on such an important game.Giovanni, the boys and the support. to fair play. Fans stayed with the team despite the misplaced pass. Tom Lawrence was very effective in the second half, taking a step towards his stage in the Champions League. Giovanni sat in the manager's chair drinking red wine or beer, knowing they weren't at their best, but they were on track, they were getting results, and the new player felt a part of it. I'm sure you are. I'm really satisfied. One or he could have seen two negatives, but fans don't really care because it's all about getting to the next round. James Sands was on a tightrope and three or he made four significant tackles. If he got it wrong, he was off the pitch. The referee almost issued a red card, but thankfully his assistant intervened. I know he finally took off, but it should have happened sooner. He was right on the brink, but we'll be happy with his performance.

Kenny Miller

There was some sloppiness from the Rangers. If it was PSV or Monaco, they might be punished. The Rangers now have to bring this energy into their league play. Perhaps this could be the catalyst the Rangers needed to play the style and type of football they have known in the past few years.

Richard Foster

When they performed like they did in Europe and...they didn't struggle over the weekend and dominated the game, their smooth best and tempo were a far cry from what we saw tonight. Have the player react and show you something. His player, man, did it tonight. Yes there was slack. Certain players had some slack, but we see McLaughlin making another key save. Perhaps only the Suns struggled, but others had a knack. I just want to see the reaction and what I saw tonight compared to last week was like watching a different team day and night. It was unbelievable. The manager said it had to be tonight as it was last week. But he knows they have it they just need to add a little bit more aggression, defensive aggression away from home Champions he advances to the league group stage I hate to let go of opportunities to do so. They are going to face a better team, so they need to stay away from home and make sure they can get close to this level if they have the chance, as they did tonight in Dortmund.

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