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Who was Jeffrey Dahmer victim Jeremiah Weinberger?

INFAMOUS serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

Among his victims was Jeremiah Weinberger, and now many want to know more about him.

Who was Jeffrey Dahmer victim Jeremiah Weinberger?

Jeremiah Weinberger was famously known as one of Dahmer's victims.

A native of Puerto Rico, he resided in Chicago in the 1990s and was working as a customer service representative for a video store, according to USA Today.

"He loved art and was very meticulous," his roommate, Tim Gideon, recalled.

"His desk was always straight, and he knew where everything was. He always dressed nice and always worried about what he wore and how he looked."

Weinberger was last seen on July 6, 1991.

What happened to Jeremiah Weinberger?

Just days after Dahmer killed 20-year-old Matthew Turner, he met Weinberger in Chicago.

The two then took a Greyhound bus to Milwaukee to spend the weekend together.

However, Weinberger's weekend getaway quickly went south after Dahmer drugged him and injected boiling water through his skull.

The injection put Weinberger into a coma and he died two days later.

Who were Jeffrey Dahmer's other victims?

Dahmer's killing spree began on June 18, 1978, when he took the life of Steven Hicks.

While Dahmer might be known for his cannibalistic killings, Hicks was one of the few victims that he didn't eat.

It was not until he moved from Ohio to Wisconsin that he began eating the flesh of his victims.

His other victims included:

  • Curtis Straughter
  • Richard Guerrero
  • Jeremy Weinberger
  • Jamie Doxtator
  • Ricky Beeks
  • Oliver Lacy
  • Errol Lindsey
  • Konerak Sinthasomphone
  • Ernest Miller
  • Tony Hughes
  • Joseph Bradehoft
  • Matt Turner
  • Anthony Sears
  • David C Thomas
  • Edward W Smith

Tracy Edwards would have been his 18th victim but he was able to escape and alert authorities of what had happened.

Police then quickly apprehended Dahmer and were able to search his home, where they found multiple polaroid pictures of the Milwaukee Cannibal with a number of dismembered men who were reported missing.

Dahmer was then convicted of 15 murders and sentenced to 15 consecutive lifetimes in prison.

He served three years before he was killed in jail by Christopher Scarver.