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Will Liz Truss keep her promise?

Said Sebastian Payne in

FT. A recent poll of Conservatives found Liz Truss ahead of party leader rival Rishi Sunak by more than 30 points, and the foreign minister appears to be "on his path glide to Downing Street". .

Truss has proven to be a skillful player in Tory internal politics, Gaby Hinsliff said in The Guardian. Snak alienated many Tories by opposing Boris Johnson, but she emphasized her loyalty. Sunak struggled to find holes in her claims, making her a candidate "a little more complicated than it actually is." Anyone who remembers how it ended, or Hillary Clinton's run against Donald Trump, would have an insight as to why Truss has been mopping floors with him.

Things could get even more complicated if Truss succeeds Johnson as prime minister next month, Jessica Elgott told the Guardian. The Tory who decides this race by mail ballot may be listening to her talk about tax cuts, but many of her colleagues are very skeptical of "Trasonomics." target.

Given that she has already entered Downing Street without the support of a majority of Tory MPs, these party divisions could soon cause her all sorts of problems. There is. Truss policies also appear to be less popular with the broader electorate, says The Times. In a new Ipsos-Mori poll, 64% of voters and 68% of Tory voters said tackling inflation should be a priority, rather than proposing tax cuts. The public is right to doubt his Truss brand for what Sunak called "fairytale economics." By choosing a prime minister who appeals to his own narrow interests, Tory members "risk losing the next election."

Don't take the current promise of the truss literally, said John Rentoul in The Independent. A former anti-monarchist Liberal Democrat and centrist pro-Conservative Tory, the record shows she is not afraid to give up her position if it gets in the way of her quest to move forward. It shows...if she wins the leadership campaign, she'll change course soon. The pressure to provide voters with more targeted support through what she now dismisses as “subsidies,” rather than tax cuts that do nothing for vulnerable pensioners and benefit claimants. Impossible to resist. The Truss will no doubt replace and recruit "all positions that Sunak has tried unsuccessfully to sell" to the Tories. A pivot is coming. "The only question is how well she transitions."