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You’ve got the laws to stop illegal migration escalating, Rishi… why aren’t you using them?

THE British public and Sun readers are understandably fed up with our asylum system being abused.

Murderers, rapists and terrorists have all snuck into Britain on small boats. We owe it to the public to stop this.

British people are equally annoyed by the left-wing activists who have shown a lack of interest in preventing the vile criminal gangs who smuggle people into the UK and take advantage of our country.

Yet the Left still refuses to support the range of measures introduced since 2019 to make a difference.

With public anger and frustration on the issue of illegal migration escalating, Rishi Sunak must now show the determination and willpower to take forward the laws established in the last year, to radically reform our country’s asylum system and put in place long-lasting changes to make our country safer and restore public confidence.

As we approach the next general election, he should build on the 2019 Manifesto, which was backed by the people and promised wide-ranging reforms.

Dangers are obvious

We’ve “taken back control” by ending free movement and introducing a points-based system. But we need to do the same to tackle illegal migration. 

Failure to do so will be catastrophic for the party when the nation next heads to the polls.

But there is a way to take action now.

As Home Secretary, I brought in new laws which ushered in the most comprehensive overhaul of the immigration system in a generation, but many of these changes have still not been implemented.

For example, I steered through the Nationality and Borders Act, which we managed to pass despite opposition in the House of Lords and from Labour.

Once implemented, the Act will transform our immigration system and help the Prime Minister to achieve a major plank of deterring and tackling illegal migration.

For the first time ever, those who enter Britain illegally will no longer receive an automatic right to settle, and their rights will be limited to ensure they no longer game our system and frustrate the Government’s ability to remove them.

But this has not been implemented. The PM should do so it immediately.

The use of expensive hotels to house migrants must end. With the economy struggling and the cost-of-living crisis hitting families, it is not fair to expect taxpayers to fork out vast sums to house migrants in hotels.

The Government must swiftly move towards the Greek-style purpose-built reception centre model for asylum accommodation. This will bring down the costs.

Downing Street must also act fast to introduce a robust approach to age assessment to safeguard against adults claiming to be children.

Scientists have given the all clear to use X-rays to assess whether someone claiming asylum is in fact a child. We should bring this in as soon as possible.

This is not just about making sure our system is fair and fit for purpose. It is also important for safeguarding.

If people over 18 are treated as children and placed in settings, including schools, with children, the dangers are obvious. It also drains money from resources provided by the state for young people.

The murder of aspiring Royal Marine Thomas Roberts in Bournemouth by Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai — an asylum seeker previously convicted of a double murder in Serbia — should be a wake-up call.

Everyone’s safety is compromised if those who lie so fundamentally about their nature are allowed to abuse our systems and institutions.

We have laws that will stop this abuse, and they need to be implemented now.

Ministers have the power to remove people more easily from the UK who have no right to be here through the new “one-stop” process.

It requires all asylum, human rights, protection or slavery claims to be made up front, ending the endless merry-go-round of claims, legal appeals and judicial reviews. These cost a fortune and clog up our courts.

The Home Office and the Ministry of Justice have the powers in place to make these changes and plans are being developed to introduce this change.

Both departments must give a clear timetable to make this happen as quickly as possible.

We should also get tougher with other countries who refuse to take back their citizens who have been rejected for asylum in Britain.

If they refuse to co- operate on returns, we should impose visa restrictions on that country.

Finally, the world-leading UK and Rwanda plan must be delivered to provide a long-term solution to tackle global migration challenges.

The British public and Parliament have voted for robust new laws to be put in place to tackle illegal migration and prevent evil people-smuggling gangs from profiting from human misery.

They expect these to be brought in without interference from unaccountable foreign judges in Strasbourg.

Address abuses

The meddling of the European Court of Human Rights to block flights to Rwanda only serves to support those who wish to abuse our asylum system and evil criminal gangs.

It must stop and it is right that we now act to curtail the powers of the ECHR.

The PM needs to demonstrate delivery based upon a comprehensive and robust approach to immigration, not just slogans or emotive language.

An approach that delivers on our commitments to take back control of our borders, which was endorsed by voters in the Brexit referendum and in subsequent general elections.

This will support economic growth, offer protection for genuine humanitarian needs and address abuses of our immigration and asylum system.

This is an approach rooted in our core Conservative values of defending the national interest, keeping our country safe and promoting freedom, enterprise and opportunity.

It will ensure that immigration into this country is controlled, fair and safe.